Council coalition deal nears - your views online

SNP and Green councillors in Edinburgh have reached agreement on a draft coalition deal which could put them in charge of the Capital for the next five years.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 7:00 am

Alex Weir

Already having nightmares about how disastrous this will be.

Tony Ward

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So, does this disastrous coalition mean that the "temporary" Spaces for People bollards and "temporary" removal of kerbside parking are here to stay?

James Melvin

I read that initially as " daft coalition deal"....t hink it’s probably more accurate.

Erik W Jensen

We will soon be up that famous creek without a paddle.

Paul Burgess

They got more votes so they should be in charge.

Julie Logan

An exodus of local residents..... Mind you, maybe that's their plan, room for more tourists and students if locals leave.

Lynda Gage

Sadly we are facing another half decade of CEC doing anything for the people of Edinburgh, but what they need! Most road users are complaining about the state of our roads; now we have 'wheelers' complaining about the pavements! And rightly so when you get tipped off your scooter/wheelchair because the pavements are a mess. Apparently the council say there's no funds to sort them. A shocking local government, and shocking that they even got back into power.

Graeme Robertson

Well I didn't vote for this. So let the disaster begin and watch the Edinburgh we love be destroyed by five more years of utter incompetence. We can only hope the other councillors get a combined act together and stop the worst of this lot’s lunatic daydream ideas.

Ian Hodgson

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Martin Duff

Misspelled the headline. It should have read “Ruin” the city.

Colin J Whitson

Judging by these comments, this should galvanise those opposition parties to get their manifestos in order so they can explain exactly the policies to get rid of those useless "clowncil " numpties. They have offered no solutions, just the same old "get them out " with nothing else to say what they would do differently. Apart from a few independents, absolutely no ideas how to change things were offered to the electorate.

Douglas Bowers

Just like in Holyrood, the tail is wagging the dog.

Tom MacDonald

Hard to believe that our local political landscape can deliver such a disastrous outcome. The city is already in a mess and it’s fair to say that this outfit stand to make it worse.

Rod Colman

I don't live in Edinburgh, but it seems for years the people of Edinburgh have complained about its council/councillors running the city. My question is, why vote them in all the time?

Alan Marshall

Imagine having Tories in charge!

Les Ashton

Bike lanes and more closures of community centres and libraries etc. coming soon!

Seb Blacksmith

Let's hope opposition parties will do their job this time.

Yerac Nic Na Ceàrdaich

Excellent news far better that the red and blue Tories together.

Edinburgh Monarchs

Historic club launches Save Our Speedway campaign as Armadale Stadium is sold

Martin Delaney

My first thought was Meadowbank, as the Monarchs used to ride there many years ago. The revamped Meadowbank Stadium appears to be almost ready for opening, but I guess the design might not work for a speedway track or it would be too noisy for local residents. But there must be somewhere in or near Edinburgh where this could be placed, surely. I used to go to Powderhall when I was a lot younger and loved it. Would be great to see the Monarchs return to Edinburgh!

Robert Howlieson

Plenty of land near the airport. Better than over-priced housing.

William Forbes

Bring them back to Edinburgh. I would go

Roaming charges

Millions face roaming charges for using their mobile phones abroad from today

Marina-Jane Juel-Beer

But "we" voted for it. I'm sure those blue passports and duty free make up for it.