Council coalition negotiations - your views online

Liberal Democrats have ruled out any deal with the SNP on running Edinburgh council.

Judith Barron

So there's no change there then. The Lib Dems aren't really that interested in seeing democracy at work or the voices of their supporters speaking up for liberal values in our communities. Sounds a bit arrogant to me.

I an McWilliam

No party with any common decency and love for Edinburgh would work with McVey and his merry cult.

Andrew Cross

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Oh dear! Have the Lib Dems suddenly remembered the last time they went into a CEC coalition (as the senior partner) with the SNP? Cardownie ran so many rings round them, they actually were nearly lynched by a mob outside of the City Chambers, and then they lost nearly every seat at the next local election.

Jaime Neal

It would be better if there was no coalition. SNP operate as a minority, meaning they have to negotiate and engage. Best way to get fair and rounded policies.

Tom MacDonald

SNP group leader Adam McVey said: “We emerged from Thursday’s election as clearly the largest party, having set out a positive, progressive vision with a detailed programme to improve local services. We will continue talks with progressive parties about how to take forward the change Edinburgh needs to be fairer, greener and deliver the best for our residents.” Have you ever heard such tripe? The turn out was low and while the vote from “supporters” got them numbers to get excited about, according to the maps I saw post election, it looked to me like the SNP need partners all over the country to get on with the job!

Daniel Masters

Delighted in the approach of Lib Dems, they are right that Edinburgh needs competent management and a fresh approach, glad they are not just taking the easy option but listening to the electorate. Bravo.

Graeme Robertson

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Good - I didn't vote Lib Dem just to have them linked up with that bunch of incompetents.

Carol Mackay

Meanwhile our once beautiful City of Edinburgh suffers and its residents.

Keith Ramsay

Business as usual then, obviously learned nothing from all the complaints they have received and ignored.

Brian Johnston

Nobody wants responsibility for fixing McVey and Macinnes’ mess.

Scott Ponton

They only get into bed with the Tories.

Seán F. Óg

Unsurprising, from the Tory-lite party.

Bobby Bravado

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A few packs of biscuits and a free lunch should sort it. Plus a promise of sitting at the captain’s table.

Scott Brown

Whether you Like the SNP or not at least they have been prepared to work with any party, even suggested a "rainbow coalition". Everyone should have a voice in the council regardless of what side of the independence fence they are on. I'd be really angry if I voted for someone and they then refused to work with the biggest party.

John Longstaff

Words fail me, except these two: Nick Clegg.

Tony Ward

Still waiting for our council to remove their "temporary" bollards and restore kerbside parking. We were told they were only temporary for 18 months, yet over two years later many are still in situ.

Renée La Racineuse

If the politicians cannot even organise themselves, what chance has the city got?

John Smith

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SNP hold 19 of 63 seats. “We are clearly the largest party”, spouts McVey’. Two thrds of residents in Edinburgh do not want the SNP in those chambers. What a shambles the voting system in this country is. Should have elimination rounds like the French.

Birthday drink

The Beautiful South and The Housemartins singer Paul Heaton has put money behind the bar at pubs in Edinburgh to celebrate his 60th birthday

Tracy Flockhart

Love this! What I would also love is to see them perform in Edinburgh - they are on my list!

Annemarie Thayne

We are toasting him at the Sheep Heid. Lovely gesture and happy birthday Paul Heaton.

William Baird

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That’s class, but will he go down Leith to a pub and put money behind the bar? I think it’ll be posh pubs, but still a great thing to do.

Paul Mc Dougall

It's happy hour again.