Council road scheme should help all users - your views

" I feel that the council's current bike lanes mania risks bringing the whole Spaces for People programme into disrepute.”
Concerns voiced over bus stops under Spaces for People schemeConcerns voiced over bus stops under Spaces for People scheme
Concerns voiced over bus stops under Spaces for People scheme

Council road scheme should help all users

Charlotte Maddix talks in her letter (April 29), of the "fast, agile improvements of the Spaces for People programme."

An alternative view is that the council is running roughshod over the wishes of a wide section of the public.

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Nobody doubts the benefits of cycling and the need for cycling safety, but the interests of cyclists should not be promoted to the exclusion of those of everyone else. It does appear that the interests of the young and fit are being privileged over those of the disabled and elderly.

One example of this is on the 41/42 bus routes between The Royal Scottish Academy and Summerhall where, in little more than a mile, four bus stops have been removed because of the bike lanes.

There is no perfect solution to Edinburgh's traffic problems and obviously everyone has to accept some compromises. However, I feel that the council's current bike lanes mania risks bringing the whole Spaces for People programme into disrepute.

John Bowles, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.

Devolution not Iraq was Blair’s error

Tony Blair reappeared on the political scene last week and admitted his government got it all wrong with devolution.

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He feels more attention should have been paid to emphasising cultural ties between those countries making up the UK. That may well be so, but he admits the gravity of the 1990s error in thinking devolution would kill off nationalism and is aware much the opposite was true. Amen to that.

What he did not say was that at the time, many on the Labour side, with startling accuracy, led by the late Tam Dalyell, forecast the present situation, and were ignored or scoffed at.

Even with a popular Labour government pushing for devolution, around 35 per cent voted against in the 1990s referendum.

In many ways Tony’s Blair’s biggest mistake was not Iraq, but in pushing devolution on Scotland, where it has divided the country and created a bitterness and hatred where it did not exist before.

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Pandora’s Box was opened and the result has been devastating.

Alexander McKay, New Cut Rigg, Edinburgh.

Media are giving SNP an easy time

Jack Fraser is clearly a fan of the SNP administration but I think the media actually gives them far too easy a time (Letters, April 28) .

Given their poor record on drugs deaths, on new ferries, on health and on education, the Nats should be getting a far harder time from our broadcasting and press journalists.

Why does John Swinney not want the OECD report on Scots education to be shown to us? And why is Nicola Sturgeon so keen that there be a UK-wide inquiry on Covid care home deaths rather than a purely Scottish one? She is not usually so keen on a UK dimension!

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And why are most SNP election leaflets not mentioning independence and leaving out any suggestion of an indy Ref 2 being on their agenda? What are you hiding from us Mr Swinney and Ms Sturgeon?

Gus Logan, York Road North Berwick.

Heathrow expansion could impact Scotland

Significant tightening of UK carbon emissions policy (Net Zero for Scotland by 2045) and the inclusion of aviation among the targets for cuts could impact upon Scotland, were Heathrow expansion to proceed.

Because expanding Heathrow would need to be offset by restrictions, and possibly closures, at other UK airports. And this could include those in Scotland.

Paul McGuinness, Chair, No 3rd Runway Coalition, Teddington

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