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Scots with virus no longer told to isolate or test as further measures are relaxed

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 30th April 2022, 7:00 am
A Covid lateral flow test. Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images
A Covid lateral flow test. Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Linda Hawkes

Its not gone away this virus and it will spread again. Then, when hospitals can’t cope again, there is going to be a lot of people seriously ill. There are still people dying from this – the government are just letting us spread it again.

Susan Ingram

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This is crazy, the virus hasn’t gone away and while we need to get back to normal and most people are vaccinated, I still think if you have it you should isolate and not irresponsibly pass it around.

Margaret Cummings

Care home disaster all over again. I agree we have to get back to normal. However, anyone with underlying health problems who depend on carers or nurses are left wide open to a virus that could kill them. Only time will tell if this is another bad decision.

Jacqueline Calder

This will come back and bite us big time. How will we know when another variant hits? When it's too late, that's when. More unnecessary deaths. Vaccine protection waning etc. When someone is ill they should definitely isolate and not spread the infection.

Jan Marshall

If people with Covid don't isolate, the virus will spread like wildfire, the hospitals will be overwhelmed and there will be more unnecessary deaths.

Lorraine Blyth

So, if I’ve got mild “symptoms” no test, no isolation. My boss will expect me at work. I work as ancillary staff in an early years setting, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Lorna Hastie

About time too, we need to build our immune systems back up. I get there's some very vulnerable people out there, but there's also a million different illnesses out there too that can have severe consequences if caught by those vulnerable, but we don't self isolate for all those. I'm one of those that can happily come forward and say I've never had it or been vaccinated or even worn a mask, for health reasons.

Jackie Juckiewicz

So what was the point in all this testing?

Joanne Morrison

So how will you know if you have virus if you don't test?

Mari Anne Stott

Ludicrous after all the hard work to be now told the opposite. It's just gonna get worse with the new rules! Madness, to say the least.

Scott Hardie

Fantastic, let's get on with life again. If you have serious symptoms, just stay off work. If mild then it's just like having the cold three years ago or longer. We just got on with it and went to work anyway. Especially if you don't get sick pay.

Kevin Somerville

Well, things have got to return to normal eventually so this is good.

Jackie Robertson

I will, yes, as regularly as needed as I work in a high school and wear my mask too.

Christine Douglas

Just get on with it now or we never will.

Tom Kerr

People are still dying of this. If your have symptoms, don’t interact with others!

Elizabeth McArthur

Maybe we can start filling in our census forms now we know the panic is over.

Willie Walker KT

So, what are they doing to bring your doctor out of hiding?

Housing project

After ten years in the planning, the first spade will hit the ground next week at Cala Homes’ Builyeon Road development at South Queensferry

John Davis

Probably won't run any extra buses, though.

Graeme Robertson

What about provision for health services eg, dentists, doctors, hospitals etc etc. And make the developers pay for tram extensions to this area and through the likes of Kirkliston.

Joe Hendy

This mad rush to build houses on agriculture land is crazy. If we built hospitals at the same rate it would make more sense!

David Funnell

Roads can't cope as it is, this is just stupid.

Paul Cuthbert

Does the war in Ukraine not tell us we should be keeping farmlands as much as possible, not building on them at every opportunity … once they are gone, they are gone forever!

Lesley Findlay

It would be great if it was council housing.

Edward Stewart

Cities need to stop expanding. If you cannot afford a house in this country, move to another.