Crashes cut by one third after 20mph limit introduced in Edinburgh - your views online

Vehicle collisions in the capital fell between 2016-2018, research by the University of St Andrews reveals

Traffic accidents

Crashes cut by one third after 20mph limit introduced in Edinburgh

Peter Donoghue

Looking forward to the spaces for people review in a few years.

Carol Mackay

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I think you’ll find fewer accidents as vehicles are forced to a slower speed due to the pandemic of potholes! Reported 24 at the bottom of our street. Great they were filled in, but really temporary, non-sealed.

Andrew Henderson

Maybe it because all the cars are stuck in traffic and not moving. Who the hell is telling these people they are doing a good job?

Bill Grainger-Simpson

Great news.

Gavin Hogg

Cut it to 5mph, I’m sure they will go down again.

Jonathan Deb

You know, if you lowered the speed limit to zero the collision rate would be zero too! One day our elected councillors may consider things like the extra congestion caused, impact on efficiency, burden on business, environmental impact. Not to mention the condition of road services.

Charalampos Koundourakis

The scheme was based on sound numbers. It's good to see it validated.

Steven Moreland

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It would've been nice to have some non 20mph collision data, since 1997 RTC have been steadily on the decline.

Tree protest

Council chiefs say they have redesigned controversial plans for a tram stop at Stevedore Place in Leith after local protests against the loss of 30 mature trees

Kris Baillie

That’s fantastic, great work Edinburgh council you deserve a pat on the back. What about the poor businesses that have had to close or lost business due to the farce on Leith Walk and surrounding areas?

Bob Leponge

This council seem obsessed with killing trees and it really is utterly disingenuous to say that planting a few extra saplings compensates for the massive loss of environmental benefits brought by mature trees. Don’t believe me? Read the council’s own Trees In The City’ document.

Lucien Romano

Never mind trees, where are the cycle lanes and bollards?

Henry Campbell Gillan

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That's good news, though I think the original plan was to plant loads of trees anyway.

Zandra Mathieson

What a laugh. You won’t let people take down dangerous tree, but you see its OK to take down mature healthy trees. Double standards as usual.

Ser Glynn

And how do they plan to replace killed wildlife and displaced animals from their homes building on green belt?

Cramond Island

People have been warned to avoid Cramond Island this weekend as the number of walkers getting stranded continues to rise

Szymon Zurawski

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Put sign on the entry and fine/charge people if they ignore it.

David Russell

Coastguard and RNLI would not support fines as it may stop people calling for help when in difficulty. However, where have are the “stranded” travelled from? Locals know not to cross during posted times.

Smith C Karen

Idiots, charge them for the rescue. If they don't heed the warnings they can take the consequences.

Tom Kerr

Utterly selfish.

David McGrath

Put a contact number for rescue and a list of financial charges for being thick as mince and ignoring the posted tide times.

Richard Tagg

Leave them overnight, then people might learn.

Michael Wonnacott

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Should now be closed to the public – too many idiots getting stranded.

Ralph Scott

Just leave them there til next tide, it's not difficult.

Ken Johnston

People will still ignore the notices. It’s time to make a bye-law so that the idiots can be fined It’s not right that RNLI volunteers have to leave their jobs to rescue these mopheads.

Daniel Milburn

A few years ago I managed to get myself stranded on the island as I had misread the tide times. The RNLI guys were very helpful and I had told the coast guard not to rush as we had shelter, food and warmth. The RNLI had a few other calls which they attended first before they came and got us.

Margaret Quinn

This is just a green light to some people.

Gus Stewart

Stay at home....simples.

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