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Liz Truss is attempting to calm the money markets and reassure the nation following criticism of the “mini-budget”

Melanie Mathieson

I can’t understand how her mind works - rob the poor, reward the rich, crazy way to work. What happened to levelling up?

George Smith

I hope all the working class people that voted Tory and for Brexit are happy now. Scotland needs out of this madness now. The Tories used to hide this sort of stealing off the poor but now they don't give a damn.

David Fairnie

Enough is enough. Tories out.

Steff Miller

Lied about the cap on energy costs.

Scott Reid

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A new double act that makes BoJo and Fishy look mildly competent.

Audrey Waugh

Way the Tories have always worked.

Will Caola

And try to establish mortgage rates at around seven per cent long term while tripling the cost of government debt.

Trefor Williams

She's a proper numpty with no mandate.

Peter Anderson

But the unionist dinosaurs who are terrified of change are still in denial. Their silence is deafening but if they can justify this so-called mini-budget l would like to see their comments.

Alastair Browne

Cutting taxes is all well and good and under normal circumstances is to be applauded. However, doing away with the top rate of income tax when many people are struggling to make ends meet sends out all the wrong messages. In the same way that the government can't tax us out of this situation (as Labour would try to do), they can't borrow our way out of it either. The fact that the Bank of England has made an unprecedented move to try to remedy the situation speaks volumes. Any tax cuts should have been at the lower end of the scale only. Pro rata it is more expensive for the government to cut taxes at the lower end of the scale than at the higher end, but doing so sends out the right message.

Peter Milne

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She did insist on making tax cuts, but she has no electoral mandate to carry them out. The government was elected on its 2019 manifesto.

Carole Rouse

But the public couldn’t vote.

Ewan Smith

The Tories have gone for the “fill yer boots lads as we're out at the next election” approach.

Murray Hutchison

Might have been an idea to check first with OBR and IFS to get a reaction to possible consequences. Too late now, dogma has taken over.

Ian Munro

Is there any point talking to the OBR as they've made their minds up, so we have stupidity as well as ignorance.

Angelo Greig

Tory ears are painted on. They don't listen to anyone.

Financial crisis

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Douglas Ross says he is concerned about his mortgage following the mini-budget

Pauline Tillotson

This from three jobs Ross, all well paid and way above average let alone minimum wage levels, where he can decide what days he goes into which office yet still get a full salary? Yet someone in his constituency can legally be working under a zero hours contract with the employer insisting on 'full flexibility' meaning they can't taken on a second, never mind a third job. And if their employer decides to give them less than 15 hours work a week, UC will hound them and they'll be held liable to a tougher sanction regime.

David Howie

Action by the PM and Chancellor caused the Bank of England to spend £65 billion not budgeted for to avoid the total collapse of the pension industry and to avoid further catastrophic runs on the pound. And this clown still supports them!

Christmas market

Council chiefs are 'confident' Edinburgh's Christmas market events will go ahead despite organisers pulling out

Paul Wilson

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Nobody cares about the Christmas markets, loads of similar stalls with overpriced tat.

Mary Stuart

So, with the financial crisis and the energy crisis, think about the cost of running this, the ice rink, the wheel, the roundabout, the lights and music. It was very expensive before, what will they have to charge people this year? Most won't be able to afford to go and will need to save for their fuel bills and rising food and mortgage costs. No wonder they pulled out.

Warren Burrows

Encouraging the financially thick to spend money they don't have. The true meaning of Xmas.

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