Cycle lane protest - your views online

Children take to roads of Edinburgh to call for safer cycling routes in the city.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 7:00 am

Eleanor Ferguson

As a pedestrian most of the time and an occasional driver, I can see that some cyclists are bad at obeying road rules, some motorists likewise and some pedestrians go about with their ears plugged and step off the pavement without looking. In other words, we all need to look out for each other! Personally, I found the cycle lanes good as you could see where the cyclists were and they were protected from the cars.

Colin Gilbert

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What if commenters had the same approach to improving roads for driving as they do to improving cycle facilities? Should we fix the pot-holes? NO, because lots of drivers break the law! Should we dual the A9? NO! I saw a driver go through a red light yesterday! Let's not spend a single penny helping these "drivers" until they obey the law and pay road tax. You get the idea.

Keith O'Flaherty

Half the cyclists think they own the road. Instead of making it apparently safer for them, how about they use some common sence and pay attention?

Paul Sayers

My son is in hospital after being hit with a van and thrown from his bike yesterday with broken bones and head injuries. Edinburgh will never be a safe place for cycling. Far too many road works and potholes.

David Carnegie

They spend £5m+ on spaces for people. Hardly anyone used them, while public transport was made slower by removing bus lanes. Everyone can use buses but not everyone can cycle.

Jackie Wren

Just make it safe for every one. There are just too many vehicles on the road. There are loads of free park and ride car parks but the buses are usually packed. Get more, smaller electric buses and more cycle route that can alway be use for walking and horse riding.

John Mcnicoll

How about spending the money that will be wasted on new cycling routes on repairing potholes, levelling drains and repairing pavements. Then maybe the cyclists will actually use the ones that are already there and stop saying they don’t use cycle lanes because they are unsafe. No new cycle lanes till the ones here start getting used.

Paul Burgess

What a cheek! I've never known a council find so much in facilities for cyclists.

Lisa Sibbald

We need safer cyclists on the roads, not safer cycling routes.

Susan Downie

Given the amount of the city centre already closed to traffic, I’d say it’s doing pretty well for cyclists.

Paul Harvey

They'll have to resurface all the roads to facilitate safer cycling routes, for a start.

Sue Campbell

Might as well go the whole way and close to cars completely. It’s already near on impossible to get through Edinburgh in a car – just shut it down.

Susan McKay

What a mess the roads are in! None of us are safe out there, however we travel.

Tully Tulley

Nearly crashed into cyclists on Sunday who went right onto the road from the payment without looking, with traffic going both ways. Maybe cyclists should try looking after their safety first.

Angus Clement

City has plenty of safe cycle paths, routes etc. Sadly cyclists don't use them, cycle couriers being the worst.

Emilio Brownholio

Instead of wasting money on trams they should have invested in more cycle lanes and make it like Holland.

Fuel duty

UK diesel average cost jumps to record £1.80 per litre, Fuel duty cut wiped out by latest rises with warning that food and services costs could rise as businesses pass on hike

Michael Rowley

While the rich get richer your standard of living is dropping under the Tories but MPs get a £2200 payrise and energy companies are making fat profits. Remember when they said we are all in it together? Well, we are not.

John Davis

It's all good everyone, there are some great ideas from the Conservatives. You should go to the job centre, find overtime or get better jobs.

Peter Tuffy

Yes, both the government and the oil giants are laughing all the way to the bank.

Sue Campbell

There’s no need. Why are the goverment not stepping in and lowering the tax they get off it? We all know covid cost a lot of money but we shouldnt have to pay for it all at once.