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"All riders on motorbikes look over their shoulder, it's called a lifesaver. Cyclists should do this”

Space for People row

Cyclist tells of near miss as cycle lane makes him converge with articulated lorry

Henry Campbell Gillan

Until the council appoints or consults experts in cycleway design, say from somewhere like The Netherlands, then this is going to continue to happen. Small wonder that few of us will take to bikes. It's simply far too dangerous. Put in the infrastructure and cycling will take off big time, as it does elsewhere.

Peter Naples

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The artic probably couldn't see him. People need to ride/drive/walk defensively. If it can happen, assume it will, not scream about "my right of way" after the fact. Using roads and footpaths with eyes open and looking further than the feet or front wheels would be a good start

Chris Gibson

This is why cycle infra-structure isn't mandatory, cyclists use it if it’s safe and still have responsibility to consider their safety. He's not that seasoned a cyclist. If the cycle lane disappeared over a cliff would he follow it?

Russell Wadula

To be fair to the cyclist, he also goes on to highlight other issues caused by this ill thought out scheme. The narrowing of lanes barely allowing buses and lorries to pass each other is a more than valid point. No consideration for larger vehicles in this at all. A complete waste of money and as we’ve seen with the recent bad weather spell, it’s created issues even in clearing the roads properly, not to mention the trip hazards where the small plastic kerbs separate the lanes. Whoever sanctioned this scheme should hang their head in shame given there are other more pressing issues the council could address.

Tom Burnett

I keep reading that cyclists have no insurance. If the cyclist has house insurance it’s possible to claim under public liability section of policy. I think it’s cycle plan underwritten by Aviva for £12.50 a year for £5 million cover. So insurance should not be a issue.

Andy Kitchin

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So many of the lanes that have been put in are unhelpful. They confine cyclists into a narrow lane, unable to avoid what is usually the worst road surface, with crumbling or patched surface, grate holes, debris and mud. Psychologically the physical separation allows both rider and motorist to switch off from considering each other, so that when the lane inevitably ends, then issues such as this arise. Money would be better spent on a national campaign with the message that roads are for the use of all and are to be shared. The upcoming change to the Highway Code putting the 1.5m passing rule into law should present an opportunity to educate motorists and, if necessary, for the police to be more forceful . A cultural shift is needed. It worked for drink driving and can work for cycling.

Carol Mackay

Further dangers are that due to snow, the bike lanes cannot be cleared of all debris by usual sized street cleaners. The traffic pushes debris to the concrete blocks and sticks. The black and white cones are so dirty they are not fluorescent. Accidents are bound to occur!

Tully Tulley

All riders on motorbikes look over their shoulder, it's called a lifesaver. Cyclists should do this.

Robert Baker

Just because there is a lane designated supposedly for the safety of a cyclist, doesn't take away the cyclist's responsibility to know what is going on around him and follow the rules of the road. What the lane wrongly suggests to the cyclist that as long as he is in it, that responsibility is not his.

Jason Van Hagen

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Perhaps the cyclist might pay attention to road markings, blind spots, and everything else around him next time and just like most were taught to do during their Cycling Proficiency Test in Primary 5 at Primary School. That way he’ll minimise risk of potential injury to himself and/or others around him. He’s also less likely to be killed.

George Bathgate

It proves the need for cyclists to have to pass a version of the Compulsory Basic Training test. It would teach them about the life saver, etc.

Atholl Cunningham

It appears a lot of thought hasn’t gone into this. It's just been rammed in so they can spend the money. Should have had a cyclist and a driver look at the plans before implementation to make sure it was safe for all.

Gordon Smith

Simple.. when (if cycling) you come to an area that is narrower than the rest of the road and there is a pedestrian crossing island in middle of the road, it is a good idea to turn your head to the right slightly and have a glance behind you. If there is a 40ft, 30ton truck approaching, this is the time to think, hmmm should I give way and wait a second until truck passes?

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