Cycling dangers on Edinburgh's roads - your views online

Campaigners claim cycling in the Capital is 'a joke' as video released showing state of roads

Alison Martin

I understand there are people on both side not using the roads correctly. Let's all admit it's only 10 per cent of cars and bike that are a nightmare. These are the ones who need to be stopped so the rest of us can get on with each other and life.

Mechelle Rafferty

Bit hard to use cycle lanes when you have weeds growing out the drains in the lanes, and not to mention the puncture I got coming home from work while trying to avoid glass in a cycle lane! Maybe if they were maintained and not just a bit of white paint as an afterthought, folk might use them; then you have the issue of folk parking in them.

Janice Ferguson

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Why do cyclists not use cycle lanes when we have spent millions having them installed - waste of time and money?

Neil Crozier

Would have more sympathy if they paid road tax and gotlicenced and insurance too. Funny that drivers have to put up with potholes and busy junctions too! Driving is no fun in this city - the clowncil couldn’t be anymore anti-car if they tried.

Michael Strachan

We need to get those traffic lights replaced too, apparently to cyclists they’re always green!

Sheila MacIsaac

Try driving anywhere in Edinburgh these days! Even worse, imagine if you are disabled and trying to get around in a wheelchair or scooter. Cyclists are only part of the nightmare but that video shows how bad a problem they are! As a 'used to be a regular cyclist in Edinburgh' voice, yes the streets here are for the suicidal - whether walking, cycling, driving or wheeling! We are all road and pavement users and we all face similar issues, stop the 'special case' pleading, check whether you are not also part of the problem!

David Funnell

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Council tax pays for local roads. Everyone is entitled to use them, not just motorists.

James Harley

When cyclists start paying road tax we will take them seriously, until then they can keep crying and moaning.

Ruth Hearton Tallatanta

Well if cyclists contributed a little to a road tax,even a fiver a year, that would help to sort out their problem.

Kasia Murthy

Just give us a break already. Poor cyclists! really? Roads in Edinburgh are in shocking state. Car drivers have to navigate po holes, vehicle doors, busy junctions and cyclists!

Daniel Barrett

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Car and van drivers have to navigate all the same, plus a cyclist that thinks everyone should wrap them in cotton woo. They are the worst thing on the road and should be made to have a reg plate displayed and face the same fines as us on the road.

Alan Brown

Aye, the roads are in a shocking state. What a shame the council and their Sustrans quango buddies spent £9m of tax payers money on cycle lanes the cyclists don't use instead of repairing the roads they do, eh?

Ewen Macleod

Don't you just love it when cyclists become vociferous regarding cycling and make out that it's their god given right to do as they wish. Unfortunately there are a huge number of cyclists who do not care what they do on the roads or pavements, these are the cyclists who bring shame on the cyclists who abide by rules and regulations. The real problem motorists have with cyclists is that there is no redress when they cause damage or are acting in a dangerous manner to other road users. There is a simple method if a car driver does wrong he is traced through his registration number and faces the consequences. These consequences never happen to cyclists. Until cyclists are made to pay for their transgressions then the animosity that exists between motorists and cyclists will continue.

Joanne Morrison

Eh? The state of the roads affects all road users, not just cyclists. They're absolutely scandalous and no sign of any repairs being done any time soon!

Stephen Gifford

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They should ban delivery vans and lorries and cars, and plant roses in the potholes.

Darren Mackay

Everyone ready with their sweeping cycling cliches and generalisations bingo cards? Eyes down for a full house - “They don’t pay road tax” - “they should have a licence” - “they should have insurance” - “they all go through red lights” - “they should stay on cycle paths” - “they cycle on the pavement” - some rambling moan about the recent Highway Code changes.

John Black

Now they’ll know what car owners have to deal with.


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