Cyclists needs to have a number plate and be insured - your views


Cyclist v bus

Lothian Buses is investigating after a video showing a bus driver overtaking a cyclist at a close distance was posted on social media

Tam Harker

He should be made to apologise to the bus driver and every cyclist for trying to say the bus driver did wrong.

John Farley

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I cycle to work every day. Can't see to much wrong with what the bus driver has done. I personally would have let the bus get past before going inside. Or move inside early and remember to signal.

Ian Munro

There is no right or left turn there, it's a junction diverting into two roads.The inside lane is for traffic heading up Montrose Terrace, the middle lane is a bus lane and the outside is for straight on to East Norton Place. It looks like the bus was in the bus lane but the cyclist has assumed the bus was heading to East Norton Place and not up Montrose Terrace. Cyclist needs to be more aware.

Craig Marshall

Ooo, he came too close! It’s not that you are squeezing through the left in the gutter trying to get to the front in a queue of traffic! Ride in traffic expect to be overtaken.

Martin John McIntosh Tait

No surprise; more and more drivers have no regard for cyclists or pedestrians, they feel they own the road and crossways, so don't really care. So many times I got rammed from my bike with red light chasers and almost run over when crossing, when drivers think they can turn while people are crossing.

Kevin Whyte

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I cycle and there’s nothing wrong with what the bus has done!

Fiona Tait

Wondering if there's any CCTV footage of me turning round and falling over a bike stand this morning. If so, I could do with the income from "you've been framed". Cyclist are dangerous even when the bikes aren't there.

Michael Orr

"Cyclist, 26, passed by bus uneventfully on daily commute" seems a better headline.

Tully Tulley

Can't really see what his gripe is, as the bus well away from him and travelling faster.

Daniel Henretty

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I wonder how many times he uses his camera when skipping through traffic lights and undertaking when passing traffic.

Vicky Birrell

Cyclists should have to sit at least a theory test and have insurance. They are a liability and always act the victim in situations they put themselves in.

Anwar Ali

Cyclists needs to have a number plate and be insured. There's no consequences for cyclists when they break the rules, which is ridiculous.

Pete Snowdon

Glad to see that the majority are supporting the bus driver. I hope the police take action against the cyclist.

Gary Dickson

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No one pays road tax anymore, it's emissions tax now and bikes don't produce an emission. Bikes should need insurance to drive on the road; a certificate of road worthiness and the rider should do a road competence test.

Lindsay Swan

Can’t see any safety issue in this incident. Hopefully the bus company will stand up for the driver. Bus drivers are an easy target when anyone has some gripe or another against them, as everyone knows the bus driver’s every move is recorded. It’s a shame cyclists haven’t any visible identification and their every move wasn’t being recorded.

Edinburgh’s Christmas

Gilded Balloon's Karen Koren reflects on the future of city’s winter celebrations

Gemma Fox

It was always commercial. KK was never doing it out of the goodness of her heart. Making money was the key. She created a monster that pushed residents to the side. I’m hoping to go into Princes Street on Christmas Day (weather and turkey permitting) for a stroll to remember how lovely and peaceful it is, or can be, without all the tat.

Allan Squair

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I used to love coming into Edinburgh, especially the Tron Market, but the council shut it down - obviously it was too successful.

Nick Crawley

There was a time when the Christmas/New Year celebrations were a time for the people of the city to enjoy themselves over the holidays and invite the rest of the world to share the experience with them. Now it’s primarily set out to encourage wealthy visitors to the city and relieve them of their wealth. The people of the city, the lifeblood of Edinburgh all year every year, can go hang. Take back your city.

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