Difficult GP access- your views online

MSPs have urged a beleaguered East Lothian medical practice to change its appointment system, after a damning review has revealed the ‘stark reality’ of problems patients face.

Alison Martin

This is why A&E is so busy. Folk can't get their GP, so are willing to wait hours in A&E to see a doctor. Surgery need to be reopened.

Stephen Ball

Calling my GP surgery this week was like trying to win a radio competition! Called at 9am, constantly engaged. Eventually got through to be told no more appointments and try again at 1pm. I called NHS24, however they are closed during the day, and a message said seek support from your GP. I then tried online with NHS inform, completed the self-diagnostic questions and it said call a GP in the next four hours. Fortunately with support from a nurse in the family I’m starting to recover. We need better support in place. Although I have private healthcare I still need a GP appointment to make the referral!

Marie Glen

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My brother, who has a heart condition, was unwell went to his surgery to ask for an appointment and was told he needed to call. He went outside and phoned from his car and was told come in right away to see the doctor. It’s a joke, why could reception not give him an appointment when he was at the desk?

Ccains Kkaren

While I understand people’s frustrations a lot are missing who’s at fault here and that’s the government. Most practices have 12,000-20,000 patients with at most 16 GPs. Could anyone here work to that ratio? It’s not possible! The government has promised over and over to fill the gap and provide more funding for GPs and yet six years down the line at least, we’re still having to live like this. I bet all the staff are working their best in a horrendous situation. Don’t forget who the real enemies are here.

Brenda Barclay

It shocking trying to get through GP. When I tried I was 36 in line and they don't seem to have a system for non-emergency appointments, so you get fed up trying and what maybe wasn't an emergency becomes one, or people are going to A&E instead. The whole system is crazy.

Dougie Bertram

As the report says, it's not the care and service the GPs give, they're very good, but the problems trying to get an appointment or phone call is beyond belief. I have a few minor ailments needing attention and have given up even trying to call!

Karen Walls

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It’s not just here. Speak to anyone and they will all say the same about their GP practices.

Bill Logie

The new doctors’ Hippocratic oath....”I'm doing nothing, talk to my receptionist.”

Jimmy McAulay Jnr

I'm with Inveresk practice and have no probs. Called on Friday morning, got a call back couple of hours later to describe my symptoms, prescription was in chemist by afternoon!

James McLeod

I know a lot of people who have stresfull jobs and they can’t afford to work part time. Do they need to look at the balance of part time work available for GPs?

Steven Robertson

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It looks a well balanced report with some good recommendations for improvement. The fiasco at this practice has been going on for too many years.

Joyce Small

My daughter was on hold for 45 mins trying to speak to someone. Ridiculous.

Rebecca Marshall

An hour and a half at least, starting at 8.30am on the dot for them to answer. Then showing up and watching the woman sit at reception and ignore the ringing phone on her desk.

Robert Mcneill

The problem firmly lies with Scottish Government, yet they continually try to blame others. Indy is more important that peoples lives and that’s a fact.

Festival accommodation

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Calls for Olympic Village-style solution for Fringe accommodation crisis

Ken Nicholson

This makes a lot of sense. It should be all the uni accommodation as payment for all the money they get from venues.

Grace Larbalestier

Uni halls surely? But also make it a more manageably sized festival again.

Gina Mcleod

When we held the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh the athletes stayed in the Pollock Halls. There is a lot more student accommodation in Edinburgh now, surely a deal could be struck between the festival organisers and the unis.

Nancy Morrison

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It’s the greedy landlords putting the rent up for a month or house owners taking a month away to rent out their property for an extortionate amount.


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