Disabled Edinburgh residents have expressed ‘serious concerns’ over the council’s controversial Spaces for People scheme - your views online

Floating bus stop
{part of Spaces for People

Pic: Councillor Scott ARthurFloating bus stop
{part of Spaces for People

Pic: Councillor Scott ARthur
Floating bus stop {part of Spaces for People Pic: Councillor Scott ARthur
"CEC has been anti-car ever since it was established in 1996”

Disabled access

Disabled Edinburgh residents have expressed ‘serious concerns’ over the council’s controversial Spaces for People scheme - particularly over ‘floating’ bus stops and a lack of blue badge parking provision

Carol Mackay

Pure necessity we had to go into city centre yesterday, big work vans everywhere, nowhere to park. Wouldn’t mind so much but vans were taking up all the disabled spaces and we’re still in lockdown! It’s great to see work going on but Spaces for People mean cars can’t park anywhere near facilities. Didn’t see one cyclist using ‘their’ space. Don’t worry council, we’re in no rush to return! The streets are so dirty as they can’t be cleaned by usual vehicles. None or ignored consultation as usual.

Martha Spence

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They are turning our city into a joke; spent so much money on all these vanity projects they have lost sight of what needs done. Our roads are in such a state, maybe they should all take a drive around anywhere in Edinburgh. The potholes are getting bigger by the day. Stop wasting our hard-earned money that pays your wages, sort our roads and get rid of this stupid project.

Neil Lauder

How can they say there have been no official complaints? Refuse collectors have complained that in several areas it is not safe for the loaders to leave their cabs.

Roddy Watson

I’m not a cycling fan because I like driving, but I’m more worried for my cycling friends in Edinburgh now than ever before. Stockbridge is only busy because of coffee shops, but pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and in particular disabled people are at more risk than ever before. Why not admit your errors CEC and get our city moving again, please?

Steven Oliver

CEC has been anti-car ever since it was established in 1996. Covid has allowed it to pursue its anti-car agenda, under the guise of Spaces for People and achieve its ultimate goal of making sure that you can't drive or park anywhere in Edinburgh without there being restrictions of some sort. This is an administration which is out of control - remember the damage that it hass caused when it comes to the next council elections. It needs to be voted out.

Lorna Stewart

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Don’t say you've consulted with disabled people, when those exact people are saying you're ignoring them. We are not a tick box exercise. There have been so many complaints. Noticing a pattern here with this council and disability rights/access.

Laura Perston

Absolutely disgraceful! The stupidity is mindblowing! Fewer spaces for disabled people with this abysmal planning. Spend money on sorting all the potholes that are damaging cars.

Faye Warrender

I barely ever go into town but had to make a trip the other week. It’s like an obstacle course! At one point I was driving and the cycle lane widened and took over the whole road. So for patches there was no road for cars. So happy I’ve moved to the outskirts.

Graham Gray

The whole thing needs scrapping now, it’s a total farce. When we are all told to stay at home there is virtually no people. It’s stupid to have 20mph zones in every town on main traffic routes and trunk roads, causing frustration. Cyclists are put in more danger due to travelling at the same speed as traffic in most areas. Pollution levels are going through the roof due to vehicles driving in the wrong gear. Bus time tables are all a mess and emergency services delayed.

John Mcnicoll

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I think some of the council ‘experts’ should look at the mess they have made in this city . I parked in Portobello Road for 10 minutes - 16 cyclists passed me, three used the new cycle lane, the other 13 used the normal road, forcing cars, buses and lorries onto the wrong side . How long before someone is killed and a poor motorist will get the blame? Sign the petition and get this farce stopped now.

Paweł Drzazga

I think cycling lanes are the least of council's problems. Currently Romania and war-ravaged Balkans have better roads than Edinburgh.

Mark Lyall

Disabled don’t cycle so the council don’t give a crap about them. Simple.

William Odonnell

All my life I have lived in Edinburgh, that's 55 years. I’ve always loved it and been proud of it, but this clowncil have absolutely ruined it, to the point I want out of it now.

James McLeod

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I am a blue badge user and have had problems with parking on several occasions since all the changes and have had to just go home as I couldn't walk the distance due to these stupid bollards.

Yvonne Reilly

They are making the roads more dangerous.

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