Dog attacks babysitting mum - your views online

Mum who almost lost an arm in a horrific dog attack calls for licences to be brought back in the UK

Ellen Watters

People just don’t under-stand dogs. They aren’t fur babies, you aren’t their mum. They need training and to know their place.

Lynda Scotland

Dogs are and will always be unpredictable! No matter how much love and training you give them. It's called basic instinct and can be very wild with no mercy.

Adam Brock

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Who keeps a Siberian husky as a pet with children? They are huge, aggressive, working pack dogs that need specialist care. They were not bred to be pets. I wonder if rather than a licence, some kind of suitability test on the part of the owner might be better.

Arlene Frater

The problem would be enforcing this - plenty people drive without a driving licence! Breeders need to take more responsibility, making sure owners know what they are getting themselves into; owners need to do their research and work on training.There is too much blame put on the dog! I am a trainer and I have offered classes for people before they get their dog to help them understand behaviour but people aren't interested until there is a problem.

Alexis Tait

As a dog owner myself I'd happily pay a licence. But unfortunately a licence won't prevent any dog attacking. Like humans, dogs can be unpredictable. Sensible owners will look after their dogs, train them, take them to vets when needed. Sensible owners won't leave their dog unattended with young children and babies. It's all about educating people to be good owners and being in control of their dog.

Lizzy Ann

As soon as licences came into effect the dog pounds would be overloaded - or folks would abandon them. We already have to have our dogs tagged. It could be that all dog owners have to go to training classes once a year and those classes tie into vets surgeries where the tag info is updated. Any concerns the trainers have could be highlighted. Or if the tags are not updated further action could be taken. It’s radical I know but puppy training classes are often forgotten about and owners get lazy. Cost wise, pay the vets /trainers £1 a week every year for four week classes of an hour a day/evening. It would bring in business and be great for dogs and owners. Might help make friends too.

Suzanne Mcconnell

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Perhaps it’s breeders who should have a licence to prove they are responsible enough to ensure pups are going to the right homes where they will be walked, trained and are suitable for the type of home.

Diane Duke

Any dog can be unpredict-able even if they have good owners. A bit of paper isn't going to fix this. A lot of the problem is dog walkers walking too many dogs in one go, all of leashes and have no control over them, which I have seen many time walking my own dog at the parks where there are loads of people and kids. Sad this has happened to this woman but a dog can sense fear also. Huskys are working dogs, not really bred as family pets.

Carol Morrison

It’s about time that owners had to take their dogs for training – they, along with their dog, do the training. Learn about their dog and most of all learn to read their dog, after all they chose it and live with it. Don’t make excuses for it!

Carol Adam

Absolutely agree. I've seen so many dogs not under the control of their owners and horrible consequences can happen to others.

Alexandra Ferguson

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A piece of paper won’t prevent dog attacks, only training people to train their dogs will prevent or reduce this problem.

Tracey Henry

We used to love taking the kids up to the local nature reserve. Can’t do it now - so many dogs running around off the lead. It’s actually frightening. Knocking kids down running at them. Also a lot fighting and snapping at each other – it’s awful.

Jenny Mitchell

Like, a bit of paper will help! How does a bit of paper stop an animal from reacting to a situation? And who’s enforcing that?

Sean Davidson

A licence was useless the first time, that’s why they got rid of it, a bit like the chipping. If people would only train their dog from a pup and not when it’s a lot older or when something goes wrong.

Terri Bowker

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I would imagine that quite a lot of older people could possibly struggle to afford a licence; they would then think that they would need to get rid of their dogs.

Laura Gunn

The government needs to get rid of their breed specific legislation. No breed is ‘dangerous’, any dog can be dangerous and legislation like the BSL leads us into a false sense of trust or security.

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