Douglas Henshall on leaving Shetland TV series - your views online

Actor Douglas Henshall has discussed BBC One’s Scottish crime drama Shetland continuing after he left the show, saying: “I just hope they don’t make a mess of it.”

Pamela Mitchell

Not going to be the same without Jimmy Perez, but tbh, I can't see Shetland surviving under the current BBC who can't run a bath never mind the BBC as they are controlled and run by Tories who abhor anything Scottish, especially our culture.

Susan Pearson

It won’t be Shetland without Jimmy Perez , maybe they have to go in another direction with it.

Stuart Allison

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Arrogance. "Hope the BBC don't make a mess of it". OK, DH you were good in the role. You decided to quit. BBC think there is more mileage. So let's not pre-judge as they usually produce pretty good drama series.

Bill Bruce

I admire Douglas Henshall’s decision to leave the series, having explored all the creative angles left with some credibility remaining. Most folks are forgetting that the character’s creator, Ann Cleeves killed off the book series at No6, as she too felt enough blood has been spilled on such a tiny island, so the BBC had already milked it a bit more. I fear it’ll become a parody programme, a bit like Taggart did, long before the untimely death of the original lead actor.

Linda Mowat

Maybe it will be better, although I do like Perez in Shetland.

Peter Wilson

Every dog has its day: the script for series seven was excruciating with more loose ends than a dog eaten jumper.* Douglas Henshall obviously realised there was no life left in Shetland - literally and metaphorically - and wisely chose to get out while the going was good. The best of luck to him in deciding to move on. * and just how did Tosh escape from the exploding caravan?

Candice Moore

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The last episode was so dull, I don’t know why they’re bothering. I hope they can inject some life and excitement into it!

Sam Watson

Great series. Will miss Perez played by Douglas Henshall. Promote Tosh to DI in charge of the CID. Don’t bring in an outsider DCI. Think it would spoil it.

Rod Hill

Looking at the character Jimmy Perez, he must have done his 25 and be due for retirement. So, to what extent is Ann Cleaves, the originator of these dark stories of a dark place being consulted? Hopefully plenty, Tosh could easily carry that darkness, fingers crossed, viewers will judge.

Colin Gale

You can only judge these things once you view the changes. They might be positive or negative, we will just have to wait and see.

Mags Laird

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He was the reason I kept watching, but let’s see how it goes in future.

Lorraine Sharon P Kelly

It' will be like Morse that then became Lewis – still a brilliant programme.

Tracey Corbe

It’s not Shetland without Jimmy Perez.

Traffic rules

Edinburgh councillor calls out ‘shameful’ drivers ignoring signs near primary school crossing

Sam McIntosh

So what’s the reason for the closure, that road has always been used in the past? Anything to do with obstructing motorists and forcing them into the bottleneck further up?

Graeme Robertson

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Nobody knows where they are going now - things change daily/hourly and it is all CEC's fault.

John Davis

Open one of the other left turn roads then. Driving up to London Road along and down Easter Road is a ridiculous detour just to go from Leith Walk to Halmyre Street and other adjoining streets in between.

Stuart McClelland

That junction is a mess. Two weeks ago it was one way going towards Leith Walk and McDonald Road, now it's suddenly changed and it's one way going in the opposite direction. There was a couple of days after it changed that saw both the no entry and one way signs on full display before someone covered the no entry with a bit spray paint. So we have a situation where you couldn't go into Brunswick Street from the Leith Walk side at all to one in which you can go up Brunswick Street from McDonald Road but can't turn up it from Leith Walk. Clear as mud. No excuse for people deliberately breaching the rules but I'd be inclined to believe someone who claimed to simply be confused.

Jaz Singh

Can this councillor tell us why there are so many streets closed on Leith walk ? It’s a farce trying to get around all of Edinburgh, and what’s helpful about this type of disruption and inconvenience to motorists?

Write to the Edinburgh Evening News

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