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Daughter of a key worker who died from Covid ‘feels sick’ over Number 10 lockdown drinks party.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th January 2022, 7:00 am

Lynda Kennedy

It's so disgusting what Boris has done during Covid. We all stood by the rules and he never did. We couldn't see family, friends, loved ones in hospital or care homes or have weddings or go to say goodbye to loved ones. He has just lied all the time. I just don't know what will come out about him or the rest of them. Boris won't confirm if it happened or if he was there, but laughing on TV just proves he was. He needs to stand down.

Louise Burness Spink

Get these public schoolboys out. They have no valid qualifications to run a country properly. Boris is an absolute joke. He does not care about real people.

Daniel Cranmer

Surely people can't be surprised.

Robert Ayr

Ten people were allowed at my uncle’s funeral at the same time he and his cronies were having another party! Hospital staff will have some job on their hand now telling people they can’t see dying loved ones if things get any worse in the future! It’s the Tory party after all, so I’m not shocked one bit.

Norma Henderson

He should definitely go, he just can't tell the truth.

Eloise Blair

Absolutely disgraceful. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself and should tell the full truth and apologise to everyone who was left alone due to the rules he had set out for everybody. If he wants everyone to go by the rules. he must practice what he preaches. Personally I do not like his chances of being reelected.

Karen Watt

Disgusting! We had my dad’s funeral on May 13 2020 and only nine were allowed, and my mother had to sit alone! in the meantime, he and his BYOB party was going ahead on May 20. I think a lot of families would like Boris Johnson to have his P45 now!

Highway Code

What do you think of the new Highway Code changes announced by Police Scotland?

Paul Incles

Giving way to pedestrians at junctions will be a disaster. Utter madness.

Eleanor Ferguson

Makes sense. So many motorists see pedestrians waiting to cross in all weathers and just ignore them. If you are already a considerate motorist who actually notices and cares about others, it will be second nature to adopt these new rules.

John Mcnicoll

How long is the motorist expected to wait on the pedestrian? What happens if it’s two pedestrians stopped chatting at the kerb? This is lunacy. What happened to stop, look and listen before you cross? Take some responsibility for your safety. Too many watching their phones with earplugs in.

Emma Lyle

I see dead people...because we forgot to stop to let the pedestrian cross.

Anna Mazur

The new pedestrian rule will mean one thing, no one will ever look when crossing the road any more. This will be even more dangerous for pedestrians, eg if they decide to suddenly cross and as a driver you are too close to suddenly stop. Another thing is I need to turn from main street on a bend to get to my street. If I need to suddenly stop for pedestrians, the car behind me will most definitely hit me!

Euan Cameron

I think that this is good. It will help to protect people who are not in motor vehicles. There are too many deaths and injuries on our roads.

Sarah Tupper

It’s OK if you are turning left, but what if I’m turning right, see a gap in traffic but have to stop because a pedestrian might cross the road?

Beth Barclay

I already thought that it was the law that drivers had to give way to pedestrians at junctions. Cycling on pavements was against the law too - hopefully still is but you never seen that law enforced either.

Louise Wilson

That’s silly! So you see someone waiting at a junction and stop in the hope that they will cross. What about the opposite side of the road? Will they will have to wait for the other side too?

Annette Megaughin-Helder

This is how we do it in the Netherlands, and it totally makes sense.

Danny Marr

The pedestrian rule is the daftest thing ever. Roads are dangerous, only when it’s safe do you cross. As for cyclists in the middle of the road, how do you safely pass them?

Jodi Peacock

Is anyone actually going to do this though? Nah.

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