Drink spiking in nightclubs- your views online

Campaign groups have sprung up across the UK, calling for a boycott of clubs next week in protest of the continued issue of spiking

Saturday, 23rd October 2021, 7:00 am
The Night Time Industries Association is calling for the Home Office to launch a formal inquiry to test drink spiking as they say ‘very real challenges’ still exist.

Margaret Bishop

It's not the night club who are doing this, it's guys who do it. Friends should be looking out for each other, never leave drinks unattended and be sure you all leave together.

Isabel Melville

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These guys are using needles that are no doubt not sterile and so they risk spreading HiV, Hepatitis C and God knows what other disease. Your life is worth so much more than a night at the dancing.

John Carrigan

Very sad. Young people need an outlet. I don't have an answer to this unless you have lots of little night music clubs where everyone knows each other and can party together.

Stephen Murchie

Better searches of people entering nightclubs. It might take longer to get in, but safer.

Jo Samson

Put a lid on your glass and take personal responsibility for yourself. My 17-year-old already bought these for a holiday abroad, so why are people here not using them?

Tom MacDonald

As a father of two daughters, this is horrific. If we policed the city centres in the evening at the same levels that we police car parking through the day, my, my we would have a large police presence.

Lydia Reid

How long before other areas are targeted? Needles are metal, Install metal detectors at the doors.

Bryan Wood

Aye, it’s not like nightclubs have had it hard enough the past 18 or so months. Just boycott them and make it harder for them!

mz Fish

I got spiked in 2012 and 2017. How is it the nightclub’s fault? They can’t watch every single person every single second.

Dava Mac

Clubs have been hit hard for too long. All in favour of searches.

Lioslaith Rose

Pre-meditated sexual assault needs to carry longer sentences with no parole.

Low Emission Zone

Edinburgh' s Low Emission Zone plan for city-centre ban on worst-polluting vehicles 'could hit air quality in other city streets'

Lorna Gatens

The "Welcome to Edinburgh" sign was conveniently moved from past the slip road down to Kinnard/Craig Park to 500yds before it...... wonder why.

Gary McLean

This is yet another money making scheme by CEC as they tried to introduce this a number of years ago and we’re shot down by the public. Since then they have introduced the ridiculous Spaces for People nonsense which has done nothing but bottle neck roads, causing more congestion and raise the congestion fumes level to some of the worst we ever seen in the city. This has always been part of the long-term plan so this could be shoe-horned in as another money maker. You could understand if the money was to be spent on improving services in the city but as usual Edinburgh’s resident won’t see or benefit from the funding and it’ll be spent in some worthless manner!

Anna Mosspaul

When they say city-wide LEZ 24/7 scheme, I presume they mean right up to the A720, so that would mean someone who lives in Dalkeith and works in, say, Sighthill would have to pay a daily charge to commute to work, and at work possibly also have to pay for work place parking – another charge dreamed up by Edinburgh Council. Some people will say, use public transport. Great idea if it is available and practical and cost effective. Out of curiosity, how does the first bus of train driver of the day get to work?

Manly Stevenson

And the zone will probably be extended in time to create even more revenue!

Alex Weir

So will CEC be installing giant fans to prevent rogue pollution from drifting into the LEZ, or will some arbitrary line drawn on the map by Sustrans be sufficient deterrent?

Daniel Howell

Shhh… don’t say city-wide yet! That’s for five years down the line to create a larger money maker when the emissions go through the roof with people avoiding the LEZ.


Tried giving the the town centre a go yesterday. At £3.90 an hour to park, it will be the last time.

Gareth Ferrol

Nah, if anything it should help reduce polution because Edinburgh is so anti-motorist this idea will be the final nail in the coffin and people will just go elsewhere to shop.