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UK’s first as 'driverless' bus begins testing on Edinburgh Park tram and train interchange route

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th April 2022, 7:00 am
Scotland's newest bus which will be driving itself as it becomes the UK's first full-sized autonomous vehicle of its kind to take to the roads. Pic: Stagecoach
Scotland's newest bus which will be driving itself as it becomes the UK's first full-sized autonomous vehicle of its kind to take to the roads. Pic: Stagecoach

Aimee Birnbaum

No way I would catch this bus without a human driver!

Arthur Sime

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All it takes is a computer glitch or a virus and then it's all over for the ones daft enough to get on it.

James Brooks

Just wait until something goes wrong and the bus full of passengers drives off a bridge or into a busy populated area - it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Very bad idea.

Sam McIntosh

Someone will hack it and it will end up driving around Pilton!

Krzysztof Sasyn

Let's hope the bus has got pothole sensors.

Renée La Racineuse

Scotland used to be a country that was proud to lead the world with inventions and new technology. Now there’s a fear of it. What happened?

Marc Hemingway

I'm not saying thank you to a Dalek when I get off!

Karen Scott

As if driving in Edinburgh is not already dangerous due to the awful potholes, roadworks, the council making spaces for whatever and the tram disruptions. Now driverless buses putting drivers’ jobs on the line and danger to life if something goes wrong.

Julz Carpenter

That’s dangerous - what happens if it goes wrong? Does it transform into a bus with road rage?

Alexander Watts

Can’t wait for Putin to hack its software.

Denise Chapman

No way I'd get on one of these. Could you imagine the neds? They would have a field day.

Pauline McDougall

Whit... Am sure I have seen films about machinery going rogue, they don't end well. No thank you.

Fiona Newberry

Unsure of this. Last week I was on a bus and a passenger took ill and the bus driver had to stop and call an ambulance.

Graeme Robertson

This is utterly mad. What’s wrong with keeping drivers in a job and more importantly keeping passengers and all other road users and pedestrians safe? Completely nuts.

Mo Connolly

Hmmm, I like the idea, but not sure if I would go on one. Been a few bus fires recently, maybe hybrid vehicles. Perhaps they need to work on the technical stuff. I know there will be a human being on the bus, but most passengers will be concerned about safety.

Linda Millar

No way! Just the start of putting drivers out of a job not to mention all the other concerns … stop it!

Angel Dillon

Sitting on a bus full of junkies, no driver to keep order, no for me, bad idea.

Paul McCall

More people out of work. Progress? I don't think so.

Anjuna Borealis

The precursor to driverless cars. You will put the destination into the system and the car will take you there. Science fiction you say?

Duncan Rogers

I predict this idea won’t fly….. or maybe…!

Jen Gilchrist

Visions of the movie “Speed” come to mind.

Anne Clark

Very exciting that it’s happening between Fife and Edinburgh!

Parking zones

Plans to make more Edinburgh residents pay for parking permits are set to be brought in.

Louise Wilson

In my area there is no issue at all. We have plenty parking and residents parking spaces. I believe this area is being considered for a controlled parking zone and it can only be to make money for the council, and to make life difficult for drivers. More bureaucracy and definitely not wanted. I sincerely hope the Tories do well next month as they are the only party who is listening.

Marion Thomson

Pretty commonplace down south to have to buy a parking permit in residential areas! I guess it’s only a matter of time before it kicks in everywhere!

Rebecca McLennan

All well and good, but where do carers park when they need to visit clients? Just adds more cost to people needing care at home.

Helen Murray

I read the minutes of the transport meeting about Bonnington. It was actually 98 per cent negative and Cr Lesley Macinnes said then that they basically would ignore residents.

Wendy Bell

Residents still not guaranteed a space by paying for a permit.