Drug death figures - your views online

Nicola Sturgeon is facing demands for a new approach to tackle Scotland's drug death ‘shame’

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 30th July 2022, 7:00 am

Arlene Gairns

The Scottish Government has not not the devolved power to tackle this issue 100 per cent. Yes they could do more and I do hope they will. Getting someone clean is more than just a withdrawal from the substance, the route to the cause is needing to be dealt with to help stop people going back to their addiction.

Jordan Curtis-Kolu

Its progress, but it's almost like drug policy is not devolved so we are limited in what we can do. Other countries like Portugal, to fight drug deaths and crime rates, have changed their systematic response, support and policing. We can't do that.

Con Lafferty

Scotland can only do so much as Westminster refuses to change drug policy and it's not a devolved issue.

Lorraine Blyth

Is it not time that drug users, abusers and addicts were forced to take responsibility and be made more accountable rather than blaming the government? There is finite amount of funding and if tackling the drug issue demands ever increasing amounts, what and who are being deprived of support services and care?

Lawrence Trainer

Maybe if Scotland used the same recording criteria as other countries the numbers would be different. Scotland's figures include all deaths where drugs are mentioned and are not restricted to controlled drugs (unlike other countries). Why the Scottish Gov don’t highlight this is beyond me.

Fay Garden

Scotland needs devolved powers to be able to tackle this properly.

Susan Peters

Nicola Srurgeon disnae care, she is only interested in having another referendum - everything else takes a back seat, time for a new First Minister.

Simon Musgrove

People have always used drugs, and always will. It is naive to think the "drug problem" or a "war on drugs" will solve anything. All drugs should be legalised and the people who wish to use them seen as members of society as normal as the guy drinking a beer or a scotch. Then proper worthwhile facilities for helping and treating anyone whose use becomes problematic, not a crime but a health issue. Stigma, crime and ignorance are the enemy, not users.

Malcolm Sutherland

If Scotland can’t get the levers of control within the union with England. We must dissolve that union. Take control of our issues. The country next door doesn’t seem to care about our people, only the resources it can exploit.

Gordon Hunter

Media having a right old time over these figures; nothing about the small decline in deaths, all about the second highest figures since records began, Guarantee that this decline really upset them.

Adrian Bayne

The years of hiding away and hoping this issue would just go away are over. Step up and take ownership. Fed up hearing excuses. This has nothing to do with the path towards independence and everything to do with loved ones left behind after another drug-related death.

Ian Black

Showing an interest and actually doing something about it would help.

Gordon Livingstone

Is there a genuine solution out there? I don’t know if there is. It’s a worrying trend and the use of drugs can indeed knock at all doors and affect all families.

Michael Gordon

If she hadn't cut the finances of the budget allocated to addiction services over the years, this problem would be in a better condition and probably have saved hundreds of lives over the years. So once again the blame lies with her administration - time she was gone, eh?

Mick Clarke

Scottish government faces pressure over an issue which they have no control over, the drug policy in Scotland is not a devoled issue, the only way we can tackle this problem is by coming an Independent country.

Graham Gray

Legalised cannabis shops in large towns, like they have done in America, could make enough to help run the NHS or other important things, leaving the police to deal with the killer drugs.

Ali Renwick

The last thing Scotland needs is a taxpayer programme to allow drug use in a safe environment. Do you honestly think drug users are going to get on a bus to their local or closest safe area to shoot up? Nah, they are going to use their house or wherever they are.