E-scooter law change proposals - your views online

Privately owned e-scooters could soon be legal for use on UK roads under plans revealed by Transport Minister Grant Shapps.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 2nd May 2022, 7:00 am

Renée La Racineuse

While I support the transition to smaller, lighter, non-polluting electric vehicles, this can’t be a free for all. They need to have a limited maximum speed, with users licensed and appropriately trained. Oh, and we don’t need more public money wasted on a Spaces For Scooters vanity project, Edinburgh council.

Mary Smith

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They should be legal, why can’t they use cycle lanes, lots of countries use them?

Marina-Jane Juel-Beer

As long as it gets them off the pavements. While we're at it, can we get cycles off the pavements too?

Smith C Karen

As long as they are properly licenced and insured. It might keep them off the pavements.

Angela Brown

Good idea as long as they inforce insurance on everything using the roads , they are just as capable of killing or injuring someone and damaging property.

Emily Keenan Smith

As long as they stick to cycle lanes I don't see the harm.

Mark Welsh

They have them all over the place in Oslo. Greta for the environment; horrible for road safety.

Gary Hamilton

Incredible that we are being shoved down the battery route and yet if you buy a battery scooter you will be fined for using it. Put some laws in place and get people out of their cars. There will always be a minority who use and abuse, same as today.

Stuart Young

Should already be. It’s not about safety or emissions it’s about making money.

Jonathan Gray

It's so stupid that bikes are allowed but scooters aren't. Someone just recently lost their car license for 18 months because they were drunk riding a scooter.

Lynda Gage

If it's motorised, it should be licensed and insured! And while government is passing that legislation, they should legally be required to wear protective head gear! Just in case some random pedestrian gets in their way.

Martin Salkeld

I like the idea and they should have to have insurance and an identifying mark, as should bicycles. With regards the accidents, perhaps if the roads were repaired and safer there wouldn't be as many accidents.

John Steele

Total stupidity. These hunks-of-junk are dangerous even when they are used on cycle paths, never mind the open road. As a cyclist and car driver I know what trouble these things will cause. Pack it in before someone gets killed on the road due to the rider's own stupidity and not the fault of other road users!

Mary Anderson

That would cause so many accidents.

Katy Youngs

So long as road tax and insurance is applied to all road users.

Tom MacDonald

Have you seen what hoops you have to jump through to ride a restricted 50cc or electric moped equivalent? See many of these on the roads? The answer to the last question is no! If the government make these vehicles and any other two wheeled contraptions jump through the moped hoops, watch their popularity fall through the floor.

James Rees

Might as well, given the roads in cities go no faster than 20mph, now. Not much faster on the motorway, tbh.

Carol Mcritchie-ramage

Well they need some sort of test. I just about hit one yesterday who just flew out of nowhere and looked in shock.

Jennie Godfrey

Scooter lanes provided, of course!

Micheal Sidonio

Minister will say anything to get a vote.

David Nisbet

But they don't stick to the roads. They go on pavements, they go through red lights and green man lights. They go up one-way roads the wrong way. They need reg plates, insurance, helmets and a driving license.

Dave Wright

There were 713 e-scooter related incidents attended by ambulance services and 173 patients to A&E. So 75 per cent of e-scooter riders who had a mishap in 2021 just needed a wee sticky plaster and a hug and probably shouldn't have called an ambulance in the first place?

John Clarke

You should see the horrific injuries caused when they fall off and skid their bare skin along the tarmac and gravel. Messy to say the least!