East Craigs traffic measures - your views online

New community-led proposals for a more pedestrian-friendly East Craigs have been unveiled following the collapse of the council's controversial "Low Traffic Neighbourhood" plans for the area last year

Mikey Sampson

Pedestrian friendly roads? I have an idea, why don’t they make roads for vehicles and pavements for pedestrians! Problem solved.

Billy Young

Nobody is going for their shopping at Tesco by cycling there and back

Graeme Robertson

Forget it. Who are they trying to con - again?

Tim Wight

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After reading the article it seems it is less of a community-led proposal but more of a Mr Kennedy-led proposal. I would love to know how many actual residents were involved in this “process”? and if they are affiliated with the council or any political group.

Kenny Sloan

There are numerous pedestrian crossings to enable you to cross the road safely en route to Tesco….just that half the folk can’t be *rsed walking another 50 yards to use them. No chance a car can drive at 40mph anywhere near Tesco unless it’s the Glasgow Road west of Drumbrae roundabout.

Henry Campbell Gillan

‘Zero pedestrian fatalities in Helsinki traffic in 2019’. Are Edinburgh drivers more careless than our Scandinavian cousins?

Paul Taylor

According to the planners, Maybury Road is a pedestrian-friendly street. Well that's how they described it in the planning application for the houses being built on what at the time was green belt and is now Cammo Meadows.

Cahz Shearer

Where on Drumbrae and Glasgow Road can you get up to 40mph?

Smith C Karen

This was NOT community-led in any way shape or form.

David Edwards

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Make cyclists have a medical certificate, MOT and insurance, plus a cycling test to make them the same as motorists. As they seem to get more of the road, make them as compliant and throw in road tax as well.

Graeme Williamson

Cross at the pedestrian crossing. On foot or pushing your bike,

Al Thomo

Pretty sure that's what a pedestrian crossing is for!

Sandra Rees

The building back better brigade want you to give up your car and cycle everywere.

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic’s plans to compete at the Australian Open have been derailed by concerns over his vaccination status

Nan Mcewan

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If he doesn't want to obey the rules of the country he is in, then he can just leave.

Steven Oliver

He tried to bend the rules and got found out. That's all we need to know. No-one is above the law, not even tennis players.

Paddy Byrne

The majority of the population just can’t grasp that someone may want to choose and yes, people still have rights. Operation divide and conquer has truly been a success. Anyway, fair play to that man for standing up for what he believes in. It’s no different to any other movement of its time.

Carol Montgomery

No-one should feel forced to get vaccinated.

Peter Donoghue

He clearly wasn't vaccinated was he? Their country their rules, though.

John Clarke

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He isn't being forced to do anything. It's his own decision to deride the Aussie citizens with his sheer arrogance.

Justin Marshall

This vaccination is supposed to stop people needing to go to hospital, it doesn't stop you getting it or passing it on.

Tony Foley

They don't call him NoVax for nothing!

Life on the Bay

New TV series to turn spotlight on Scottish holiday park

Mary Graham

It starts on Wednesday 7.30pm, BBC 1 Scotland.

CR Ronald

This sounds like something Peter Kay would write. I assume it's meant to be a comedy.

Liz Crosbie

I loved this, so looking forward to this series.

Sharon Renton-Welsh

Great memories here.

Elizabeth Walls

This looks like a good watch.

Willie Walker KT

Went there on my honeymoon in the 80s in a tent at the top of the hill.

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