East Lothian GPs waiting list - your views online

Man with golf ball-sized lump who waited a year to see GP calls for Riverside to close

Alexis Tait

This surgery is never out the papers. It's sad that people can't get appointments in this day in age. Unless you are persistent and speak up (not accepting "no appointments" for an answer each day) then you will get dismissed. Shouldn't have to fight to get a GP appointment.

Lorraine Blyth

There are other avenues that allow access to health care professionals. During lockdown I couldn’t see my GP but was still able to get a referral to orthopaedics and have treatment.

Simon Usher

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Presumably with all of the extensive housing developments ongoing in East Lothian, council planners have considered the impact of population growth on GPs’ surgeries? It sounds as if GP surgeries are becoming overwhelmed.

Davie Chalmers

I’d plan to enter the premises via the intercom and then refuse to leave and give it the publicity it needs with the probability of the police being called. I'm sure if that would have ruffled feathers. It shouldn't be needed but I fail to see why anyone should wait 18 months, especially with such a symptom.

Kirsten McCall

I can honestly say I’ve never had a problem with Riverside. My two kids and I are registered here and have always been seen the same. I’m not saying it’s perfect but what GP surgery is?

Louise Wilson

I think we hear about the practices which have issues, but not about the good ones. I am with Bangholm practice at Ferry Road and there has never been a problem getting an appointment, even at the height of the pandemic. If the patient feels that it's urgent they will be fitted in for a same day appointment, and the staff take the patient's concerns seriously and do their absolute best. I have sympathy for those who are having problems accessing their GP, but all practices are definitely not the same.

Christine Douglas

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Why can’t they go back to running an open surgery day, like they did before, even twice a week from say 9.15 to 11am?

Paul Sayers

Our NHS is in meltdown, taking in far too many people and not got the infrastructure to deal with it. Simply overcrowded, but yeah, nowt to do with the government!

Happy Dayz

My thoughts are the NHS as a whole is dying off. It is over burdened, under staffed and underfunded. I honestly believe it won't be long before it is completely privatised. I recon in the next 10-15 years the NHS services will only be available for low income families, a PDSA for humans. Many people are going to private hospitals to get treatment already as the waiting times for surgery are so long. The private hospitals are happy with that as it brings in the money. We will go the same way as America eventually where treatments need paying for and prescriptions need paying for unless you are low income. I hope I am wrong.

Nicola Lees Hamilton

I’m with this practice and it really is the worst. You phone at 8am like you are told to but by 8.03 no appointments left. You are also told they have no space for a call from a doctor.

Carolyn Fielding

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Can't get into Danderhall. It’s like Fort Knox. My husband managed to see a GP once and is now back to waiting for doctors to phone him. Nearly three weeks waiting for a phone appointment. After referrals for cardiology and sleep clinic you receive letters to say you are on a list but no idea when you will be seen. Be dead and buried before you get seen or get answers.

Indyref ruling

Nicola Sturgeon wants to hold a second independence referendum next year, but the court ruled unanimously that she does not have the power.

Irene Winton

She knew the answer, so why take it to the Supreme Court - because her followers can say Westminster are denying Scots of a referendum. She knew she wouldn't get it, she is just causing more fighting among ourselves. Get on with fixing Scotland NHS, police. education, ferries etc – that's what you're paid to do.

Sandra L Darling

Great to hear the news - best result for Scotland.

Sandra Flynn

It's time to end London rule as Scotland can and will do so much better.

Sue Inglis

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Scotgov’s own legal advisors told them this. How much taxpayer money has been wasted in this stupid case which asked a very specific question to which the answer was clear?

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