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Easter eggs are popping up at major stores with Christmas barely in the rear view mirror - one MP joked he could buy the chocolate treats at his supermarket, but ‘not any actual eggs’
Easter comes early this year on April 9 - and so do the chocolate eggs in shops and storesEaster comes early this year on April 9 - and so do the chocolate eggs in shops and stores
Easter comes early this year on April 9 - and so do the chocolate eggs in shops and stores

Stuart McClelland

It has happened every year of my adult life, same as Christmas stock in September and October has happened for decades as well. The only thing more predictable than it happening is the newspaper stories telling us that 'it gets earlier every year' (it doesn't).

Anne McLaren

When I worked in customer service within a store, the Christmas decorations were taken down on Christmas eve while I still served at my till.

Lynne Lothian

Tesco had Crème Eggs and mini-eggs on Boxing Day.

Lynne Jones

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It's always been this way for as long as I can remember. Also some people don't have the luxury of going out and getting what they want and when they want. Some have to budget so these lead times help people to do that. It used to be Christmas Day followed by holiday and sale adverts on Boxing Day.

John Graham

Happens every year. We had Easter eggs in mid-December just sat in the warehouse as the shop I work for had them out on Boxing Day.

Kevin Murray

Beyond a joke isn’t it? They used to get Valentine’s Day out the way first.

Amanda Jayne Smith

That's retail for you! And those complaining now will be the ones complaining nearer the time when what they want has sold out!

Christopher Arkle

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Which legal firm is best to obtain maximum compensation for the trauma of seeing Easter eggs in the shops?

Margaret Thompson

And some people will still be paying for Christmas when Easter comes!

Liz Wright

You need to order Easter eggs usually six months before the date to be sure of getting them.

Georgy Clarke

A joke – as if families with young kids are not stressed enough already without this! Retailers need to get a grip!

Brenda Casson

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Woolworths always put out their Creme Eggs on Christmas Eve, filling the gap left by selection boxes.

Mumra Mairgrit

And there's flour and eggs already on the shelves for pancake day! Would you believe it!

Lindsay Jarvis

Easter is early April this year, so shops need to maximise the sales by getting stock out early.

Black Bitch pub

Urinating dog graffitied onto West Lothian local pub’s logo after controversial name change to The Willow Tree

Sarah McCabe

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Glad to see someone with a sense of humour. Greene King made a mistake changing the name.

David Henderson

I heard the pub was very quiet over the festive period. Maybe locals are boycotting it.

Lynn Preston

Brilliant. The name should never have been changed. I will never go back there.

Kimberly Macfadyen

My husband and I drove through a few years ago and as we passed the pub he said “Oh, they named a pub after you!” We had a good laugh about it. The old name was not offensive whatsoever. And I am mixed race.

Tracy Newall

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I love this graffiti. It’s an utter disgrace that Greene King changed the name.

Teresa Dallman

When I lived in the West Midlands there was a pub near me called The Dog and Lamppost with a very similar logo. Always made me chuckle.

Valerie Luke

They should have left the name of the pub as it was. Braw painting of the black dog added to the logo - hope it remains,

Tom Freeman Stewart VII

I think that graffiti looks good lol. They should keep it as a sort of inside joke, so all the locals and people in the know understand the meaning. But to an outsider its a quirky design with an interesting story to learn.

Karen Wilson

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Well done. Greene King shouldn't be trading there if they aren't considerate of the pub's history.

Evelyn Daugherty

Dogs that are black and female are affronted by the absolute silliness.

Mike Beveridge

Top banter. Hopefully the locals boycott they pub until it’s closed....then buy back and put back the original name!

Alistair Wilson

Blackie Boy in Newcastle had its name changed. I believe it's about coal.

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