Edinburgh Airport baggage chaos - your views online

Baggage handler Swissport moves lost luggage to temporary facility at Royal Highland Centre

By The Newsroom
Monday, 25th July 2022, 7:00 am

Gus Simpson

Has anyone seen the SNP's most vocal critic, Gordon Dewar, CEO of Edinburgh Airport? Or is he no longer giving interviews?

Louise Wilson

I have family who flew from Edinburgh to Spain and arrived home again this week. They had several items of checked-in luggage but no issues at either end, so this obviously doesn't affect every flight.

Louise Dunn

“ ‘Horror scenes’ at Edinburgh Airports as golfers’ bags pile up after Open” – Hardly horrific. I can imagine folk were teed off, though.

Sandra Lockhart

What about people who are abroad and their bags are in Edinburgh? Are they supposed to return to reclaim? Disgraceful situation.

Mark Armstrong

Ukraine = horror scenesThis = inconvenience

Keith W Burns

Got off the Seville flight last Saturday, spent 15 minutes in the passport control queue. Walked over to the baggage carousel and picked my bag up, got on the airport bus and was in Princes Street in 30-40 minutes. No disaster. I’ve certainly had way worse in the past.

Christine Wooley

What about everyone else's bags? My son's been waiting a month for his luggage. Why is it only news because it's golfers?

Donna Laird

So while it’s dreadful that this is happening, it’s not ‘a disaster’, it’s really not the end of the world - it is inconvenient. For every passenger who has lost their baggage there are dozens who haven’t.

Alistair Wood

We were there and it was bad. Huge queues as baggage handling equipment broke down (again) and bags just piled up everywhere with people told bags will likely not be going on flight with them. About half of our flight arrived with no bags. That’s not a fun start to a holiday. If you can fly with only hand luggage it would be a safer option for now.

Scott Wood

"Horror scenes" ... aye, cause aw the best scary movies start with piles of luggage at an airport!

Wilma Bruce

It was not like this when every airline had their own stances and operatives who put the cases in trolleys for each flight, same coming home. Maybe if they went back to that, things might get better. As for the management, they should get their sleeves rolled up and help, maybe they would understand what work is.

Martyn Armstrong

It’s not just Edinbugh. Two-hour wait for bags at Heathrow last night, golf clubs came though the belts that weren’t for our flight, people got so cheesed off they pulled them off to make space for our cases.

Jane Wilson

Only open 9-5, that’s a disgrace!

Anne Mouat

Believe me, the staff are working flat out. Too many staff made redundant during Covid.

Ann Moffat

My son and partner flew to Corfu last Saturday; they return home tomorrow and haven’t had their luggage the whole holiday!

Laura Mary Young

Flew with Jet2 last week, did the twilight check-in the night before, had no problems, just a small queue, through security, not much of a wait there and back for our baggage …… seems it’s not all chaos.

Irene Jack

We arrived late afternoon at Edinburgh Airport, our airline was Jet2 and no problems, took about half an hour for cases to get to us.

Paul McCall

Why is the man in charge not out of his job yet. He is not interested in the people using the airport or the staff working hard to help as much as they can – he needs to go.

Alister MacLeod

Edinburgh Airport is a disaster lately.

Martin Cada

The world is slowly heading towards World War III, but this is the real horror!

Oliver Crane

British management excellence - not.

Alister MacLeod

Came off a seven-hour flight from Doha on Saturday, and then sat in the plane for almost two hours before getting off, as there was no stance for the plane to park at.

Sharon Munro

An absolute embarrassment for Edinburgh Airport.

Lisa McCallum

These airports need to do better! Hire more staff or something!

Andy Wallace

National embarrassment.