Edinburgh and Glasgow congestion surged by up to 80 per cent with the latest lockdown easing- your views online

"The council's plan worked then!”

Friday, 30th April 2021, 7:00 am
Buses unable to reach bus lane and not a bike in sight!

Road congestion

Edinburgh and Glasgow congestion surged by up to 80 per cent with the latest lockdown easing

Jon Clark

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IF you reduce roads which previous had two lanes each side down to a single narrow lane and you place dangerous and ridiculous blocks and bollards to ensure the one lane is narrow you are guaranteed to deliberately create congestion. Once you have manufactured maximum congestion, you can then blame motorists for this congestion. Then you can charge for this congestion and that is EXACTLY what this council are engaged in doing. The new infrastructure is dangerous. Other councils which previously introduced this sort of rubbish on their roads have now started to remove them, because they do not work.

Stewart Allan

The council recently resurfaced a road in Ratho Station due to bad potholes. Two weeks later and just after it had white lines put down, Scottish Gas come along and dug holes in said road for annual maintenance. I was advised of this five weeks ago, so the council must have known.

Bob Leponge

No mention of Edinburgh Council’s plague of ‘Spaces for People’ insane road-closing, traffic-hindering, delivery-preventing, dangerous, ill-considered bollard fest? Surely that’s a major factor in the city’s traffic flow being crippled?

Ruth Durie

Cars create congestion, not bicycles! Seriously, you think you can drive down the cycle lane? And if half the cyclists give in and get into cars, guess what happens to the congestion? Realistically, if you prioritise cars you get congestion. Places which have avoided that (like Japan) have done so by encouraging walkers and cyclists, and no amount of wishful thinking will change that.

Negri Punton

Yes, and about 100 road closures and traffic light sequence changes!

Michele Liston

Nothing to do with all the new adjustments to roads, of course. Nearly every road that previously had two lanes is now reduced to one.

Anne Scott

It doesn’t help with bus lanes from RBS at Gogar on the A8 right along to Newbridge. The main route to the M8 and M9. What a joke.

Bryce Stewart

Council has caused this with the new layouts....crazy. Do the councillors not live in Edinburgh or do they walk/drive with their eyes closed?

Paul Taylor

And according to Transport Scotland’s latest report, the numbers of cyclists is flatlining at the pre-Covid level. Perhaps Lesley Macinnes would like to explain where all of the 10,000s of people went that she told us were crying out for these Spaces for People interventions?

Robert Howlieson

The council's plan worked then!

Willie Anderson

Does anyone think councillors McVey, Day or Macinnes travel into town at 8 o’clock?

Allan Johnston

No, it's the council that has caused the problem.

Boris’s woes

Boris Johnson ‘told aides he couldn’t afford Downing Street refurbishment’

Jemma Hill

They get £30k a year to do up the flat? That does not seem like a good use of funds. Sure, redo the flat when you move in, but why would you need that amount of money on an annual basis for renovations?

Willie Milne

They do it because they can get away with and don't have to answer to anyone. In this current financial climate when businesses and people are losing their jobs and struggling to make ends meet, it’s disgusting.

Laura Mckenna

Just another waste of funds spent on nonsense - £30k to decorate is more than most people earn in year. They are so far removed from the ordinary working person.

Scott Robertson

They are all, as bad as each other. Their logic is 'what's another £30k' when they've squandered billions on crap. It must be a great job to spend someone else's money.

Mark Kelly

Let him get a second job like the rest of us if he wants to have luxuries.

Janice Stienlet

Sadly he will get away with it. I think it’s just covering up a list of more serious problems.

James Melvin

Maybe it’s his “ let them eat cake “ moment? Doubt it though, as he seems to get away with anything really.

David Wood

Johnson, his cronies, the lot of them are nothing but a bunch of well heeled spivs.