Edinburgh bin strike - your views online

Thursday’s bin strike in Edinburgh will go ahead after union members rejected a “derisory” pay offer from council leaders.

Devon Longstone

Not surprised, no one has had an actual pay rise in 12 years since the credit crunch/recession in 2010.

Peter Keenan

If you don’t support these strikes (railway, post office etc as well) you’re part of the problem!

Davie Fridge

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Years of underfunded Scottish Councils has come to this. Take the rubbish and dump it at the Scottish Parliament, let them clear up the mess they have created.

Daniel Doro

Whatever you do for a living you should also go on strike. Inflation is 8-9 per cent (officially), why should anyone work and make less money?

Claire Malcolm

These people have to strike to get a decent wage.

Pawel Łuniewski

But, be honest, without any strikes the streets are the same.

Billy M Mclauchlan

See how they say they don’t know what else to cut, well how about MPs’ salaries – they go up all the time, what about cutting them for a change?

Navid Saberi

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When did they go back to work? I was under the impression that they’ve been on strike for the last few years anyway!

Joe Foster

The whole city is a bin anyway, rubbish and weeds everywhere.

Douglas Kilkenny

Stop paying council tax, Edinburgh is becoming a ghetto.

Theador Rodriguez

its not like we will notice much difference.

Fringe favourites

What have been your Fringe highlights so far?

Jill Ogilvie

Staying at home to avoid festival crowds and to recover after the heatwave. Highlight is when it’s all over so I can actually get into town in my own homeland without getting constantly bumped into - sorry, but true story.

Diane Gray

Escaping the crowded to busted city at every opportunity. Currently in Glasgow (stayed overnight) for some culture.

Neil Carr

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Simple Minds live in Princes Street Gardens – both nights were outstanding.

Jennifer Cumming

Due to the current energy, fuel and rise of food prices I haven’t been to see anything. Priorities are food, paying bills and school uniforms, so no money left over for festival shows unfortunately. I do plan a walk around the town with a picnic but it kind of makes me feel low as I know I can’t afford to see anything or buy drinks/food. On a more positive note, a trip to the art galleries/museum/botanics is always good and my garden is looking great as spent most of the summer hols in it!

Alan Raeburn

My fringe is at the back of my heid rather than the front.

David Elise Dixon

The Trucking Harpist at Whistle Binkies. Easily the most unique and funny show in The Fringe.

Jennie Godfrey

a Gaelic film this coming Saturday at the Filmhouse.

Ronnie Williams

The puffling which turned up at the Texas concert at Fringe by the Sea

Kenneth West

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Finding the Omniverse at the Omni Centre free fringe venue and the bars are awesome!

Stephen Flynn

It was gonna be Jerry Sadowitz

Kim Forrest

Being in a cabaret/burlesque performance last Friday. Haven't actually seen anything though.

Brian Thomas

There’s Something About Mary at The Beehive. Outstanding show.

Toni Edwards

Fighting through people to try to get on a bus!

Bike thug

Sighthill man threatened by masked teen on motor-bike calls for crackdown on 'dangerous' driving

Dawny Dawn

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This has been an issue for years in West Edinburgh. Police Scotland say they are doing lots to get them off the road. However, they won’t chase them as it’s “too dangerous”. You can hear them out all evening and night, tearing about the streets and parks.

Paul Davis

Sadly a very common occurrence in the west of Edinburgh

Catherine Mcneill

Witnessed one the other night in Gorgie. He had a balaclava on and actually kicked a guy’s car. When the driver got out he took off.