Edinburgh bin strikes - your views online

Task force to be formed to clear rubbish in Edinburgh streets where there is 'public health risk'

Jan Wagner

Give them a decent wage, they do a great job.

Alison Henderson

I hope staff from “other departments “ refuse. Just give the workers a decent pay rise they deserve it. Health risk caused by councillors trying to undermine the bin men who do a great job.

Devon Longstone

Why is Edinburgh council such a waste of oxygen? I do not understand why they never brought in private contractors for the festival, even if it was just for the city centre bins. Clowns, the lot of them.

Yvonne Reilly

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Should be getting a rebate on our council tax, as they aren't providing the service we pay for.

Toni Tiger Lord

No one should be working full time worrying about how they are going to feed their family. Either the council needs to find the cash or central government needs to provide more funding so workers are not bearing the brunt of this crisis. I’m genuinely concerned for those not in a union on the “living wage.” Ironically named because it’s just enough money so you don’t starve to death if you work 40 hours a week. Coming out of Covid we should be celebrating our essential workers and looking after them as they did for us. Seems we have gone back to business as usual.

Dorothy Maitland

Once more Edinburgh Council should hang their heads in shame - give the binmen what they deserve. They were keyworkers throughout Covid and didn't let us down. It's the council that are letting us down again - embarrassing

Louie Karen Wakeley

Just pay them more wages! Surely councils can see how important bin men are.

Karen June O'Malley

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I'm on a bus going through town and even my daughter is disgusted at the state of our city that at the moment looks vile. Please get this over with ASAP.

Davie Lawrie

Basically doing anything at any cost, other than giving the workers a fair and decent pay rise!

Phoebe Bois

What about rethinking waste - more recycling points for public use, crackdown on disposal single use packaging which seems form the majority of waste in the city centre? Is it not time to reframe, recycle and refocus along with reverting back to regular waste collections?

David McCoy

The top positions in the council will still take home their six-figure salary plus bonuses.

Carol Byrn

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Why not just make the bin men a decent offer and it will be over?

Gav Wright

I was in Edinburgh yesterday, shambles of place....absolute state. What I cant believe is, why people continue to put rubbish on the ground. Take it home, don't add to the pile. On that note, walking up Market Street, rubbish on the walls, not even near a bin. I’m not sticking up for the council, however they can't be held responsible for poor self-discipline by the public.

David Fairnie

Pay people what they are due. The UK is a disaster zone.

Liz Bee

Here’s an idea - bring in the army, that will sort them.

Graeme Allan

It's a bit late now boys the strike is over on Tuesday.

Fiona Cunningham

I saw a completely empty bin on South Bridge yesterday – it looked a bit left out!

Ando Calrissian

So-called "Labour" will do anything but give the people they claim to represent a pay rise. They weren't even asking for it to match inflation and still got told no.

Paul Fowler

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I’m yet to hear an argument that supports giving the rubbish collectors a poor pay rise. Give them a fair rise as it’s what the people demand. The council officials work for us allegedly, so do as we ask.

Gas bills

British Gas - which operates in Scotland under the brand Scottish Gas - is set to donate 10 per cent of its profits to help customers cope with rising bills for the ‘duration of the energy crisis’

Janice Scott

Why don’t they just drop the standing charge and lower the bills?

Krzysztof Sasyn

Nationalise energy companies.

Louise Wilson

I hope that all their bills will be lowered by 10 per cent. It is unfair on those who do not fall into the 'help' categories that they receive little help in comparison to those who receive listed benefits.


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