Edinburgh Car Free Day - your views online

Edinburgh drivers urged to leave the car at home for World Car Free Day event on Waverley Bridge on Sunday Octobber 2.

Jason Hamilton

Free passes for the trams and bus that day for everyone is it? Why just that day? Why not everyday for everybody in Scotland? Why would anyone want a car if it was all free?

Chris Cranston

I have a question, is there parking near by?

Shaun Sibthorp

Put a ring right around the city in line with all the park and rides and ban all private vehicle within that boundary, obviously with residential exemption. Not that that would ever work, but if your going to do it, then do it properly.

Keith Spalding

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Not going to happen. School runs. Extremely early workers. With no buses running or late. Service or reliability. Not every one can walk. Not going to happen.

Jackie Hamilton

Most folk I know with cars use them because they need to get somewhere, I don't know anyone who just gets In their car and drives just for the sake of it!

David Jock Ross

Why don't they hold it in Holyrood Park, seing that it is closed pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday to all traffic or is that not enough? Pretty sure you'd get a couple of hundred thousand in there to have a little picnic without nasty cars to annoy them.

Lenny Love

Oh great. Now kindly explain how a double-disabled person, who can't walk more than 20 yards, is supposed to get into the city centre without her/his car. Waiting for your answer. . . . Anytime now. . . .

Kirsty Leslie

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Is the First Minister and her colleagues all leaving their cars at home, working via video call? No......... then why should anyone else!

Gary Petrie

Can't believe somebody gets paid for these ideas.

Stevie Donnelly

Aye, because the public transport system is so reliable, eh?

Jamie Wilson

I'm a walker, I don't drive, but why penalise those who have worked hard to get their choice of mobility? What's the point of working if individual luxuries don't exist?

Keith Robertson

I'm happy to do this as I don't use the car on a Sunday - still sobering up from Saturday!

Alastair J Cameron

On Waverley Bridge? Well that's a bizarre location, tbh.

Donna Belle

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Does that mean I have to roller skate to work that day then?

Charles Brady

Oh, surprise. Edinburgh not hiding its anti-car position. They are usually more subtle! Public transport is not good enough, with recent strikes and bus services being pulled with no notice.

Kevin Coleman

I can't remember the last time I took my car into Birmingham. The clean air zone is £8.50 + petrol + parking.

Brian Johnston

Free from tram road works, yippee, can’t wait!

Eric Wood

They will have people going to work on electric scooters soon.

Snotra Eldur

We already have train-free days again in October!

Melanie Wong

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CEC needs to provide reliable, cost effective public transport for all residents for there to be a move towards more carbon efficient modes of transport.

Edinburgh buses

City hopper ticket plan could let passengers take two buses but pay one fare

Colin Nicol

It works well in Florida. If you use the ticket within an hour of buying it, you can re-use it for a second bus.

Ian Cunningham

For a return journey using two buses each way the saving would only be 80p over the daily TapTapCap limit (£3.60 vs £4.40). The weekly cap limits the maximum potential saving to just £2/week. Regular commuters will be using Ridacards anyway, so it wouldn't help them at all.

John Hood

Blimey! A sensible idea from the council!

Alan Smith

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We had them years ago when they were called a transfer fare.

Scott Robertson

That’s why we have a day ticket or tap tap go.

Dorothy Jarrett

Very useful.

Dan Stuart Stark

Currently on a two-bus journey and that would be nice, with what’s going on.

Lorraine Blyth

Bring back circular routes, then there would be no need to change buses.