Edinburgh congestion worsens with traffic at pre-pandemic levels and less space on the roads - your views online

'A 40 minute journey takes an hour' – Edinburgh congestion worsens with traffic at pre-pandemic levels and less space on the roads

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 7:00 am
Stock Traffic queuing in Edinburgh. congestion traffic jam

Navid Saberi

They couldn’t even decide what SfP was about. First Covid, then road safety, then to prevent people dying by road traffic, then air pollution, then climate in general etc, etc. When you vote in the inept to run the show, you cannot blame them for being incompetent.

Keith Hannah

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Wait until they start tram work on Picardy Place and shut North Bridge at same time.

Alison McKerrow

With Holyrood Park closed and multiple road works in the area, Niddrie Mains Road is nose to tail from crossroads to crossroads from 8.15am right through to 7pm. It takes forever to get anywhere. This is also causing cars to try to skip the traffic at ridiculous speeds past the primary schools etc, making it unsafe for the kids.

Simon Saorsa-Alba

If only commute times could go back to pre-trams works and spaces for people.

Nic McQuat

Same with the appearing/disappearing bus lane past the airport. It’s just causing chaos.

Graeme Allan

Time to remove the spaces for people scheme, getting roads reopened to full capacity – this was only meant to be a temporary measure.

Eve Gilmour

It’s so much worse than pre-pandemic.

Jason Paulley

Bus lane in a stupid area like Edinburgh Airport on the A89. Down to one lane at rush hour - yeah, great idea NOT.

Rosco Black

Edinburgh desperately needs an underground system. If London can get £30 + billion for underground upgrade and new routes, why can't Edinburgh have similar investment to cut congestion but most importantly cut down pollution to help the environment. I think most people know why Scotland isn't getting the Investment from Westminster it deserves.

John Smith

This policy of slowly removing and replacing perfectly efficient roundabouts with convoluted traffic signalled junctions just chokes the whole city. We need a radical shift in policy towards roundabouts and zebra crossings.

Kirsty Leslie

Pre pandemic you're having a laugh there's more traffic on the roads now than there ever was!

William Manson

You put up Spaces for People, which no one uses. You made the problem, now everything is returning to normal, get SfP taken down. Or is a congestion charge next?

Michael Craigens

The traffic is worse now than before pandemic, due to the council’s incompetence with regard to spaces for nobody to use and the planning committee for multiple road works. The temporary lights in Gorgie are a joke – it took me 20 minutes to get through twice yesterday.

Lynne Hainsworth

There are going to be many more cars as people are scared to use public transport and so many people have been too ill to be able to walk or cycle as alternatives.

Tom MacDonald

Navigation of Edinburgh is a complete joke. The tactics of our council, the planning and the money used has made things worse in just about every way.

Lynne Lindsay

Get rid of the Spaces for People scheme, which reduces a lot of the roads to one lane.

Stu Simpson

Between cycle lanes, Spaces for People, tram works and the council’s strategic road works to slow traffic, they are slowly killing Edinburgh for commuters. If it was up to me I’d leave Edinburgh and never come back!

Alec Middlemass

They will grind this city down to a halt in order to get their congestion charge. Make no mistake about it, they’re trying to force us off the road.

Willie Anderson

And where is our transport convenor Lesley Macinnes to explain all this extra pollution ? She will not face the people of Edinburgh.

Peter Livingstone

All going exactly as planned then! This is a deliberate ploy by this city's transport committee to ensure that there is as much congestion as possible as a way of justifying the introduction of a congestion charge in order to pay for their grandiose vanity projects. To say it is anything to do with " going green " or providing "safe spaces for people" is a complete lie. The actions of this council leadership has destroyed the trust between electorate and council.