Edinburgh council coalition talks- your views online

Fears are growing that a full council meeting scheduled for Thursday to appoint a new administration for the Capital may have to be postponed because no deal has been reached on a coalition, which Labour has ruled out joining

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 7:00 am

Renée La Racineuse

In other places where there are protracted coalition negotiations, the city, state or whatever administration often runs more smoothly without politicians interfering. Sadly, this is Edinburgh council, so don’t get your hopes up. After all these years, the Labour Party has finally realised it doesn’t want to be used by the SNP any more. Their reputation is still in the bin, but it’s a start.

Gavin O'Neill

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And so it begins. Nobody can make a decision!

James Brunton

Councils and councillors should be an equal mixture of all of the main parties with major decisions being put to the people, not these highly inflated egos who think they know best.

Andrew Williamson

No surprises there. Labour Party have lost thier traditional left values. (IMO) they have move so far to the right you could not put a bus ticket between them and the Conservatives.

Trevor John Taylor

Delighted that Scottish Labour has finally realised that doing deals with anti-English separatists is not a good look.

Christine Heeps

Labour and all the rest of the parties should shun the SNP. I hope all the parties refuse to work with them.

Louise Wilson

"There's never been a three-party administration before"...who are they kidding! Of course there has, except in name. What do they think the SNP/Labour coalition, disproportionately influenced by the Greens was? At least Labour's current stance should save us from that again.

Alan Reynolds

No such thing as "Scottish" Labour, Tories or Lib Dems, as they never go against their London HQ for the benefit of Scotland. Merely there for the gullible.

Thelma Kelly

They need to stop argy bargeying and get on with the job they’ve been voted in to do and that is get the city back to its former glory and make it functional.

Euan Erskine

But they will do deals with the Conservatives!

Shonagh Potter

Another own goal! 19th century politics in a modern 21st century European democracy. So embarrassing.

Robert Muir

Good. Support them case by case, otherwise you become their scapegoats. Hold them to account

Robert John Forsyth

Red Tory, blue Tory, yellow Tory.

Sarahjane McLaren

All that means is we will get a SNP/Green team, which is awful news for Edinburgh.

Claire Thomson

So, what was the point in voting Labour?

Graeme McLachlan

I still expect Labour will do a U-turn and form a coalition with the dreaded SNP.

Ken Pattie

That keeps the Tories very happy. Ever heard of divide and conquer? Boris must be loving all this resentment from north of the Border.

Iain Armstrong

As long as no Tories.

Jubilee screening

Big screens in Princes Street Gardens to show Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Laura McIntyre

I'm sure all the homeless folk will enjoy watching the old girl sitting in her literal palace. Nothing against auld Liz, but a monarchy in this day and age is ridiculous, money that could be better spent on services to help the folk living in poverty.

Jason Malone

Thanks for the heads up. But I have something better planned for this farce.

Gemma Riddles

Well done to Queen Elizabeth - 70 years quite an achievement. Naysayers spouting off here, please do not go and let the people who respect the Queen, enjoy the day.

Brian Shepherd

What a waste of money, I doubt many will turn out to watch what they can see in their sitting room.

Mark Welsh

A “true Queen” would want all the money for the celebrations to be spent on the poor children.

Graham Robb

What a waste of money. Please stop gaslighting the nation into thinking the monarchy is relevant because of a superior bloodline. It's modern day eugenics and has no place in the 21st century.

Elaine Anderson

I think it's great, 70 years is astonishing.