Edinburgh Council has again sparked debate by plonking a planter on the junction of Main Street and Silverknowes Road South - your views online

"I actually transport children with additional learning needs to and from school and the journey is now a nightmare”

Monday, 17th May 2021, 7:00 am
Planters at the junction of Mains Street and Silverknowes Road South.

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Edinburgh City Council has once again sparked debate by plonking a planter on the junction of Main Street and Silverknowes Road South

William Paris

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I am so glad I'm moving away from here. Something has to be done to accommodate the growing numbers of different types of users on the roads here but this isn't it. It's terribly done, it is raising the anxiety of cyclists and the ire of motorist and they aren't actually repairing the road surfaces but just painting lines and dumping planters everywhere. Edinburgh is a working city, not some council planner's sandbox.

Marlyn Donachie

I totally agree more, better, safer cycle lanes are a priority. What are the council wasting money for on planters of all things? They need planted.

Chris Jordan

These 'planters' look like they've fallen off a lorry, been flytipped, or a lot of pallets have been piled up in the road - absolute madness.

Louise Wilson

I think the “planters” are better than the bollards. At least these can be easily removed. I read somewhere else that the bollards cost £266 for each one.

Frank Mckay

I agree with as it stops a rat run, but they should have done it properly and put railings up or – never thought i'd say this - put bollards there instead. It would at least look a bit better. I'm quite sure some local artist will be along to decorate these planters with cheap paint/pens etc soon.

Yvonne Anderson

The number of road closures and stopping cars using certain roads is ridiculous. It is causing congestion on other roads and like others I think is creating risk for all road users, including people on foot. personally use very few council services compared to some, but roads are a service we all use on foot or wheels! and pay for through council tax. Right now I don’t feel I am getting value for money and am getting very fed up with it!

Natasha da Fonseca

These planters are a living joke! They have been plastered in random streets in my area, which make it difficult and awkward to get to family members. Edinburgh will never be car-free, so why are they still trying to force that upon us? I personally will always drive as I live in the city and work in Midlothian.

Jan Clarkson

All these special considerations for cyclists, their own lanes etc - when are they going to start paying road tax?

Mikey Mcternan

I actually transport children with additional learning needs to and from school and the journey is now a nightmare with so many road closures, diversions and roadworks. Closing off roads and blocking them only pushes the traffic onto other streets, which creates congestion. Some people have no option but drive, it’s the way things are, and I am sure they will continue to drive.

John Keating

Forget whether you are SNP, Tory or Labour, just look at the city, the waste of money on frivolous projects for the vanity of the few. Forget what party you support and for once look at the people as a whole. Do we really think these half wits are doing a good job? Are they really doing the best for the silent majority of locals?

Lindsay Aitken

Slightly better than this ... three planters blocking a route past a local primary school but also preventing direct access into and out of estate from a main road!

Brian Mitchell

What an eyesore, they’re turning Edinburgh into a dump. They’ve totally lost the plot.

Dianne Livingstone

You need licences and lights on skips to save accidents if they are on the side of the road, but these can be placed in the middle of your lane, just off the bend as you turn into side streets. I don’t know how this can be permitted.

Elizabeth McArthur

I am surprised Police Scotland have made no comment regarding the accident risk in placing these planters on the roads.

Keith Robertson

I hope that they are not using them to cover potholes, soon be thousands of them all over the city.

Dave Macnab

This one is frankly ridiculous. I cycle and like other comments I worry about the location - if turning by bike at that corner, you run straight into it. The absurdity of this makes one weep.

Wendy Bell

First it was bollards, the council had a fetish for, now it's planters just plonked anywhere.

Carla Windram

What about winters? It will be very dangerous In dark times, like 4pm eh? Crazy council.