Edinburgh council to waive permit fees for outdoor bars in Edinburgh- your views online

"Just as well it never rains or gets really windy in Edinburgh”

Hospitality bonus

Edinburgh council to waive permit fees for outdoor bars in Edinburgh

Krystian Kawecki

How about reduced car parking fees to support the retail? Many customers are not choosing the city centre as a shopping destination due to extreme parking prices. They'd rather drive to retail parks outside the city centre.

Jim Taylor

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Big deal. They should be canning all the extra fees they force on enterprise. This failing council is like a latter day Fagin dipping the pockets of all and sundry to harvest the cash to fund their inane, money-wasting schemes.

Lioslaith Rose

I wonder if I'll be allowed to busk for free without a permit in the Meadows, seeing as how my tour guide storytelling job is gone and the coach tour industry can't recover without some commitment to toilets en route and food stops we don’t have to have a time slot for, and that aren't overwhelmed with other tourists already in the new social distancing/ fewer numbers rules.

Wendy Bell

There's no room for bollards!

Robert Howlieson

Extended opening hours? Bring back happy hours. Put tables in the new cycle lanes -plenty of unused space.

Iain Hunter

How about doing something for taxi drivers? Cab test last October because of Covid, now being asked to test cab again in April – £367 each time, not fair.

Ian McWilliam

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Wind and rain springs to mind...will be okay for a few days.

Andrew Davidson

Aren't the council just so generous, what would we do without them?

Gary Mitchell

Get everything back open, absolutely no need to to have businesses closed now that our elders and vulnerable are protected.

John Jordan

Waive the parking tickets you gave to my vans during this pandemic and I'll commend you.

Ali Scott

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Just as well it never rains or gets really windy in Edinburgh.

Richy Melrose

So we have just created spaces for people by increasing walkways and cycle lanes and reducing traffic capacity, but we will stick tables and chairs on the newly created space so people can sit and have a beer while mingling with pedestrians and cyclists.

Bob Leponge

Incompetent council continues to destroy any possibility of trade by bars and restaurants on Leith Walk by blundering on, against all reason, with their ludicrous toy tram extension fiasco.

Yosof Ewing

Nice touch, but SG need to do more for this industry. By demonising it as they have done they’ve just created more risk for people to have get togethers behind closed doors. I’m not advocating this, instead I’m struggling to reconcile their policies because this industry adapted quickly to help control infections and then had the rug firmly pulled. Perhaps if the SG had faith in the industry that adapted and realised just how many people’s livelihoods were on the line they’d rethink? Just thinking out loud.

Gavin Taylor

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Might as well just stick the tables on the roads as well and add it to the bill for the rest of the mess they are making of them.

Chelsea McCormack

Yes, because they still charged a licensing fee last year when it was against the law to even be open - such a generous council!

Jennifer Eason

Well, how else are they going to get any tax off anyone, unless they allow them to trade

Boxing clever

Boxing legend Alex Arthur is to stand as a list MSP for Alex Salmond’s Alba Party

Scotty Malotty

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Would love to see Alex Arthur deliver a knockout blow to Murdo Fraser and Willie Rennie. In fact, let’s end debates and just have MSPs having a square go in the Scottish parliament octagon every Thursday afternoon.

Elizabeth Michos

Sounds like a great person to have fighting your corner. Love what he said.

Shaun Shegsy Cairns

Such a legend, winning the Commonwealth Games featherweight title in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.

Thomas Mcilwraith

Too many hits to the heed.

David Cathcart

Would you leave your wife, daughter or mother alone with Alex Salmond? No, didn’t think so. Time to say goodbye.

Elizabeth McArthur

Good luck Alex ... help take that nippy sweetie to the cleaners.

Sharon Mcaloon

Lovely guy ..good luck Alex.

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