Edinburgh flooding: 'We are going to see more of these extreme events' says climate expert- your views online

"Can we please stop these ridiculous attacks on Edinburgh Council? They are trying to operate in a very financially strapped environment”

Monday, 12th July 2021, 7:00 am
Flooding in Prines Street Gardens
Flooding in Prines Street Gardens

Edinburgh flooding

'We are going to see more of these extreme events' says climate expert

Derek Thorburn

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Mortonhall Baby Ashes Memorial pictured in Princes Street Gardens after heavy rainfall caused flooding in parts of the city.

It will also get even worse if the City of Edinburgh Council don't pull their finger out.

Steven Walker

Princes Street Gardens looks like the Nor Loch is making a comeback. slowly.

Pam Brown

As long as it floods floating car space and floating bike lanes.

Luigi Clavo

Now it's like Alicante or Ibiza.

Willie Anderson

But the bollards will stop the rain.

Lee Meikle

Ii was thinking along the lines of climate change as well because flooding never ever happens in Edinburgh. Bizzare.

Davy Smith

Imagine how deep it would have been without potholes! The council say that they are doing their best after all.

Colin Robertson

I’ve seen it several times so not so scarce - proper thunderstorms will do this anywhere On 26 July 1985 50mm fell in Edinburgh (2”) from a thunderstorm. A few years ago Morningside, Murrayfield, Stockbridge and Bonnington were hit. This will happen every time. If we don’t have a storm drain system every big storm will cause this. If you look at weather in the last 30 years, July can be the hottest and wettest with storms.

Jackie Hamilton

Flash flooding has been happening for a while. We get our gully cleaned out twice a year because I contact the council and request it but it still floods when we get flash flooding. It’s the sheer volume of surface water. The council needs to increase the size of drains instead of wasting money on daft schemes.

Ken Jobling

Can we please stop these ridiculous attacks on Edinburgh Council? They are trying to operate in a very financially strapped environment. The floods were a once in 100 year+ event in which no amount of drain clearing would be effective.

Lorraine Evans

Clean out the drains! Some are blocked solid.

David Black

Still no comment offered by Lesley Macinnes as to what her department is going to do to unblock the drains, thereby helping the situation.

Paul Davis

Rain has always fallen in huge quantities in short spaces of time. If CEC cleaned gullies and drains, then flooding would be much less likely.

Lizz Rennie

Exactly the same thing happened in August last year.

Ken Johnston

So 10mm to spare then. Phew. But at least we now know why Edinburgh City Council wants to get rid of cars. They want us to buy boats instead, to save them clearing the drains.

William Kay

Just try to be a bit more prepared for it in future, please.

Patrick Roberts

Arrange for the gullies and drains to be cleaned, Cllr Lesley Macinnes. Not rocket science!

Geoff Stenhouse

Nothing to do with climate change. Poor management from the City of Edinburgh Council.

Danny Carswell

50mm of rain in a day is a 100 years event? It’s actually more frequent than that, even for Edinburgh.

Alex Steven

Hope the cycle lanes were clear.

Mike Somerville

No doubt car drivers will get the blame for this.

Keith Tait

Flash flooding isn’t down to climate change, it's down to councils building on green spaces and turning everywhere concrete; it's down to people ripping up turf etc and concretely concealing the soak aways, like gardens with slabs and mono blocking etc. Not everything is down to climate change as daily suggested.

Chris Loftus

50mm isn't even two inches. The issue we had was that drains are not regularly cleared. The drainage system was swamped and overcome because they were not draining at full capacity. When was the last time you saw those big white street sweeping vans? Men used to come down from them, open up the metal grates and put in the giant nozzle to clean them out. I haven't seen that since I was a kid. All basic services from the council are getting cut back to pay for borrowing interest, admin jobs and trams. They are trying to switch more and more people to giant street bins and insist on installing those bright white led lights everywhere.

Sashipants Kahani

Simples. Clean the drains.