Edinburgh flooding - your views online

Edinburgh misses out on flooding cash because of unfair funding system, claims MSP

Philip Rainford

Edinburgh folk consistenly complain they will not be able to park 2 mtetres from their front door, that’s why. Every bit of green that would help soak away excessive rainwater is concreted over for the "Mighty Car" to park. If 100m of road is closed for the work to improve drainange ,the complaints are almost psychotic. Watch for the sudden upsurge of able bodied car owners’ concern for those with disablities who need a car, it will be overwelming.

Alan Pirouet

Build lots of housing and all natural soakaways are lost. This increases the amount of rainfall going through the drainage gulleys and overwhelms the system.

Graham Gray

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Because it's the council’s fault for not cleaning the drains.

Born To Bru

Meanwhile, Craigleith Road is closed for 13 months while Scottish Water upgrade the sewer pipes.

Douglas Sykes

Clearing the existing drains would be a good start. Yes, during exceptionally heavy rain, the drains will struggle to cope, so you will have localised flooding for a short time, until the drains catch up. But with so many drains completely blocked for years on end, we have flooding with only a short downpour, never mind consistent heavy rain.

Paul Taylor

Because the funding goes to Glasgow.

Derry Delboy Livingstone

Try unblocking all the drains and there would be no need to worry. Lorries used to go round regularly but in the council’s wisdom they stopped them. Now there are more drains with vegetation growing out them, so where do they expect the water to go?

Lioslaith Rose

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Vanity projects take precedence over drain cleaning and budgets can’t cover fat cat wages, bonus and actual services.

David Black

Just look at the state of the guttering in the city. Leaves, weeds, grit should all be removed under a legal requirment, yet CEC fail and refuse to abide by that statutory duty.

Celtic v Hearts

Man arrested after Hearts player hit with a bottle during match at Celtic Park

Dean Thomson

An orange bottle as well...they’ll say a Rangers fan sneaked in and threw it!

Shauna Gwynne

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Disgusting behaviour, but fair play to McKay for not rolling around on the floor like he'd been shot!

John Murray

Hope Celtic ban them for ever.

Tom Young

Absolutely disgusting. No one should go to work and be treated like that.

Gordon Hewitson

People don't want and wouldn't like to be assaulted at work, so why should football players be any different?

Malcy Booden

Hope they’re banned from football indefinitely and forced to wash!

David Orr

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I was at the match. The majority of Celtic fans, myself included were disgusted. The culprit was pointed out and arrested. Hope he gets a life ban. Sick of the Green Brigade.

Martin McCann

Shocking- he should be banned for life, no one deserves abuse for doing a job.

John Scott

Deduct Celtic 30 points.

John Jack Gearty

After the second bottle hit him, the team should have walked off the park.

Kevin Moran

No place for it in football or any where else. Throw the book at them.

Mark Duke

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Assault. No matter what team it is. Hope Ann Budge takes this all the way. Why did the stewards and the police not act when it happened the first time?

Campbell Scott

What about coins also chucked at the Hearts players when taking corners. I remember when a coin hit Neil Lennon’s jacket, the Scottish government and SFA were all over it, all over the national papers and TV news. Now it’s Celtic – not a word.

David Jones

Fair play to him for not making most of it, going down rolling about. He carried on like a true professional, unlike Kyogo who went down like he had been shot by a sniper in the stand.

Jim Rutherford

Unbelievable. I thought the Celtic supporter would have returned the bottle to get his 10p back.

Tom Brown

Absolutely terrible, start deducting all teams points if it’s in their ground then it will soon stop.