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Councillors have given the go-ahead to a Low Emission Zone for Edinburgh, banning vehicles from the city centre if they exceed strict emission limits

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 30th January 2022, 3:21 pm
LEZ zones are set to come in
LEZ zones are set to come in

Erik Duncan

Imagine deeming seven-year-old cars, some of which will qualify for £20/30 a year road tax due to their cleanliness, unfit for purpose. That is a disgrace, there are no two ways about that.

Gordon Wilson

Parking charges at £5 hour, no charge point in the city centre for electric cars – I’m sure all the shops will close down as everyone will start going to retail parks. Costs will rise due to delivery trucks having to upgrade their motors. Parking in the middle of the road in Lanark Road, bikes own the road now. Edinburgh council have not got a clue, obviously don’t drive - only us, up the wall! Got to bring all this nonsense to a stop.

Callum Leslie

Great news, something has to be done about air quality and pollution if we're to stop the worst effects of climate change. If people really need to drive into the city centre and their car isn't approved, I'm sure there's plenty of 2006 or later petrol cars they could swap to. Not like everyone has to go electric tomorrow!

Tom Young

Careful what you vote for! The greens are now running this country, courtesy of the SNP. Next will be the thousands of oil jobs.

Gareth Crowe

And people still vote for the muppets who run our city because they think they have to vote SNP no matter what! Vote them out and get someone in who cares about everyone!

Julie Carnell

Not everyone can afford new cars with low emissions.

James Houston

The councillors that killed Edinburgh.

Craig Taylor

Council have been on a power trip ever since Edinburgh residents said no to congestion charges a good few years ago. Yet the roads are a disgrace with potholes that they don’t maintain.

Pamela Mitchell

Once again, drivers are being unfairly penalised, particularly those on low incomes who can't afford to buy a new car and those who are disabled and need their car to get around. The zone is bad enough but making it even tougher will see businesses go under and make the city centre a no-go area for thousands of residents.

Naue Naelcam

Ban all cars except electric. Cycle, walk or get the bus.

Brian Allison

They have tried for years to bring in the congestion charge. All that is happening now is to bring it in by the back door. Cycle lanes, emission zones, road narrowing, closing roads or making them one way, they are destroying our beautiful city. Time to get rid of this gang.

Mac Mackenzie

Maybe CEC should be forward thinking and have ‘public consultation’ where the public can attend and vent their fury and dismay at the cooncil. Hey, ho let’s do it online, disregard all the negatives and implement it at a meeting behind closed doors. Democracy at its best!

Georgy Clarke

Seven days a week parking charges; centre of Edinburgh a disaster; Leith Walk an embarrassment;

Spaces for People cutting half the road away; cycle lanes where cyclists can now slow traffic to a crawl by cycling in the middle of the road; now this! No wonder tourists are going elsewhere than Edinburgh.

Gordon Davie

The residents of Edinburgh, however, don't wish for one. When do these eedjits actually listen to the people who live here? Spaces for People not wanted by the majority, the same for a tram extension.

CEC and its councillors serve tourists and their own agenda, not its residents. Why not look at the shocking quality of social housing offered by their own organisation?

Graham Gray

Business may as well close in this area or pay the costs or increase their prices as there are virtually no Euro 6 vans or electric vans available to the tradesmen and women or for deliveries, as they have more than trebled in price. Taxis will still be free as they are classed as pubic transport, but private hire are not. Greater Manchester has had to put things on hold as it would have put thousands out of work due to the daily costs.

Alan Whyte

I’m assuming that the council will be upping their game with the provision of EV charging points across the city to help encourage people into EVs? If this is about emissions, then making it easier for people to switch to EVs must be a part of the plan?

Kevin James Dickson

Fewer cars in the city centre has got to be a good thing.

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