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Council announce they are introducing instant fines for people parking their car on cycle lanes
Edinburgh parking: Council announce they are introducing instant fines for people parking their car on cycle lanesEdinburgh parking: Council announce they are introducing instant fines for people parking their car on cycle lanes
Edinburgh parking: Council announce they are introducing instant fines for people parking their car on cycle lanes

Robert Hugh Cook

It would also be a great idea if the council repaired the footpaths around the city as the number of holes and broken pavements are a disgrace

Ali Renwick

Instant fines for cyclists not using cycle lanes then?

Tony Ward

And where exactly are delivery, service, carers, taxis, removal vans etc supposed to park when all kerbside parking has been “temporarily” removed? If The City of Edinburgh Council are so strapped for cash, why are they wasting our Counci Tax on legal fees to pursue an action that wasn't in any party's election manfesto to close down licensed entertainment venues?

John Davis

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And here we have a very rare sighting, a cyclist using the cycle path, probably the only sem-decent stretch of tarmac in and around Edinburgh.

Kenny Mcivor

What a shambles. I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen such a mess What must tourists think - Beautiful Edinburgh?

Craig Ferguson

I would hate to be a delivery driver in the city centre now – it’s very difficult.

Georgy Clarke

Once again cyclists are getting everything, so fine cyclists who saunter along the middle of the road in pairs holding up traffic. Fine them for jumping red lights. If they want more rights, then make them pay insurance and have a license for using roads!

Lia Dickson

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There won’t be any money for anything soon, as they will be giving it out to the tourists as compensation for all the accidents they’re going to have. It’s also important to remember if everyone actually took their points to the council they may listen.

Glenn Aitken

This amazes me. They can't issue instant fines to illegally parked vehicles in active greenways - Newington and Lothian Road as perfect examples - or bus stop with signs saying "No stopping at anytime except buses", but they will for this. Must be cyclists heading CEC.

El Guiri

It's particularly exciting getting off the bus straight onto the cycle path .... a genius piece of town planning. Does the Scottish enlightenment not mean anything? They'll be turning in their graves!

Gary Morwood

OK, so a taxi/PHV needs to pick up a passenger but there’s a cycle lane there, so do they just stop on the road causing more of the congestion that the council claim they are trying to avoid?

Les Ferguson

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Every Saturday morning at approx 0915 hrs heading south on Gilmerton Road there's a bunch of Lycra-clad cyclists all over the road holding traffic up, 2two and three abreast so they can chat to each other.

Ryan Wallace

Cyclists don’t use the lanes so what different does it make?

Eddie Hanlon

They’re putting parking tickets up to £100 because there is no money left in the budget to repair potholes! Now, I wonder where all the budget went. Absolute joke of a council!

Fraser Cameron

Are delivery drivers exempt?

Malcolm David Burke

Good. About time.

Council tax

SNP plans to be put to council and would see council tax effectively frozen for lowest bands

Catherine Woodcock

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What happened to the SNP manifesto pledge to replace council tax with a fairer system? Lost among the other “priorities“.

Quyen Lam

Council tax bands isn't an accurate measure of income. There are plenty of £450k+ 3bd flats which are band D and lots of 2bd new builds that are band E. They should be bringing in more tax bands or perhaps re-evaluate properties based on last sold price if they want fairier taxation.

Heather Millar Stoddart

Charge students council tax – problem solved. All the flats being built are for students in Edinburgh. I'm sure this would raise some money and stopping building cycle lanes would save more money. People are struggling with increases in bills and food without another increase in council tax.

Jacqui Hood

Just because someone lives in a higher band home which was bought many years ago does not mean that they can afford to pay more in council tax.

Graeme Robertson

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Forget it - everyone is skint and CEC's ability to waste money at every turn is world class. No extra tax on hard pressed Edinburgh residents - put in an increased tourist tax instead.

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