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Council set to buy a "pothole killer" machine to improve condition of city's roads

Jane Maul

Not before time. It is utterly shameful that City of Edinburgh Council have allowed the capital of Scotland to get into such a disgraceful state. Interesting that only 15 per cent of claims for damaged tyres or rims etc have found in favour of the claimant. I wonder what line of defence they are using. To me they would be indefensible.

Elizabeth Burns

It absolutely is shocking, but let’s focus on the gender Bill!

Margaret Cummings

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With the number of utilities digging up roads and causing misery and mayhem, they should be made to resurface the whole road instead of thin strips. Especially as usual one lot will do a repair and a couple of days later another lot come along and start all over again.

Iliyan Spiridonov

Potholes? There is hardly any tarmac left on some roads! Most need resurfaced, not repaired. Years of negligence.

Lynda Gage

There are so many more big holes all over the place since the snow and frost. It's the same every time. Ice can break rock and we can see exactly what it's doing to our roads! Why can't the 'powers that be' acknowledge that?

Kathleen Brown

False economy, resurface properly.

Mark Stewart

One vehicle? Yeah, good luck; we need a fleet just for Queensferry Road.

Matty Plahay

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The council had the perfect time to fix all the potholes during the first Covid lockdown but they didn't.

Tracey Little

As long as CEC remember that Kirkliston and South Queensferry pay CEC rates too, so they need to come out to us as well.

Kuba Will

Don’t get fooled people, it’s the council game playing with words again. I’m pretty sure they meant “killer pothole”!

Jean Campbell

We need this in Penicuik and the rest of Midlothian.

Teresa Murphy - Teri

The pavements are just as bad. I'm surprised not more folk have tried to make a claim.

Peter Paton

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This will take a few years to fix them all. The roads are rubbish.

Diane Smith

You'll need a few of these machines to do our roads. Edinburgh is a disgrace, especially for a capital city. Visitors must think they're in Beirut.

Lynne Moir

Fixing a problem the first time efficiently saves both time and money in the future.

Andrew Smith

Highly agree. Do the repair correctly and not the same pothole every four weeks.

Trefor Williams

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The roads in Edinburgh today are the worst I've ever experienced ever, anywhere in the UK.

Jacqui Hood

Huge pothole on the inside lane just approaching Goldenacre lights.

Kenneth Paterson

Edinburgh has been like that for over 20 years, patchwork city.

Asmaa Keb

Before they get round to finishing they’ll have to start again.

Kyle Robertson

Let's buy five of them and get to work.

Grant Cameron

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The whole of Scotland’s roads are in the same state. It will be the roads that are not fit for purpose that will cause a number of fatalities, not the cars or the drivers.

Zabby Zab

All they have to do is actually clean the hole and prep it properly rather than just dumping tar in a hole and rolling over it.

Tam Carr

Going to need more than just one of these.

Alfred Lane

Wasted money on new cycle lanes and no money on maintenance.

Luciano Iorio

I just wondered when the city council are gonna fix Ferry Road. All those holes make me sick already.

Tony Walker

Only for the posh areas, though.

Malcolm Forrest

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Or they could not spend a fortune on trams and perhaps invest that money in repairing the road surface properly.

Louise Wilson

Has no one thought to query these figures? The pothole 'killer' costs £165,000 but can be hired for £600 a month. Really? If that is the case, why would the council dream of buying one? They could hire it for nearly 23 years for what it would cost to purchase, and no maintenance costs. These figures need to be checked!

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