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Fuming drivers demand action over congestion on ‘broken’ roads of the capital

By The Newsroom
Friday, 7th January 2022, 7:00 am
Leith Walk is closed as the first tram tracks are laid for the Newhaven extension
Leith Walk is closed as the first tram tracks are laid for the Newhaven extension

Alan Pirouet

So Edinburgh council create a monster and the way to combat it is to cycle, walk or use a bus. That's what they wanted from the beginning and what better way to make it happen than to manipulate things to make it near impossible to get around in a car.

Alex Monaghan

I had an encounter with the road surface on Great Junction Street a few days ago resulting in a blow out. Now have a council claim form but my experience tells me not to bother as my last claim was refused as their claims handlers wouldn’t believe a single pothole broke a shock absorber. We now have to alter our driving to keep an eye on the road surface ahead, not the traffic in front.

Guy Kerr

The really sad thing is that the councillors responsible for this have an intransigent belief that they are actually making this city better when the world and his dog can see that they are making a complete mess of things!

Gary Clark

My residential street has been relaid, finally, which is great. The rest of the city is permanent potholes and road works!

James Whitelaw

This destruction of the traffic network has being going on since 2007 and when you think it can’t get any worse this council make another barrier for no other reason than to make it as unpalatable as possible to drive in the city.

Sandra Donnan

I’ve lived in Dundee for the last few years and the roads are bad here, but nothing like the roads in Edinburgh which are the worst I have ever seen anywhere. It’s a disgrace.

Morag Smith

Edinburgh didn't have a traffic problem until David Begg created one. Remove all the chicanes, one way systems, speed humps, blocked off roads and 20mph zones and you will find the traffic flows. Time for common sense.

Scott Garland

How come, years ago when all roads, pavements and back roads were open and easily accessible everything ran smoothly? Yes there was congestion at peak times in bottlenecks like Corstorphine but not for long. All they had to do was look at places like this to see the effect it would have if they did it elsewhere. But then they want to put the city into gridlock so they can apply congestion charges, it’s thir way of justifying it. But then the council should also be under investigation for causing excess pollution due to all the congestion.

Willie Anderson

And where is our transport convenor Lesley Macinnes ? Nowhere to be seen. Where is she explaining to the people of the city why the roads are in the state they are? Has anyone actually seen her out in public? She ignores the disabled and leaves them standing outside in the cold.

Andy Barrie

Edinburgh is an absolute shambles, the council should be ashamed of themselves. The capital city of this beautiful country is in absolute ruins. What a mess in general, the rubbish situation is just as bad - an absolutely incompetent, lazy bunch of idiots.

Paul Cuthbert

Yet I bet the moaners still vote SNP. They have destroyed this city - absolute disgrace for a capital city with world heritage status. Enough is enough, vote them out.

David Boswell

What’s with them narrowing the top of Lauder Road for a bit for cyclists? How pointless. It was not needed at all and I’ve never seen a cyclist use it. Now buses struggle round the corner needing to use both sides of the road.

Carol Webster

The city centre is a disgrace. Why is Waverley Bridge and Cockburn Street still closed? This could help ease the traffic problem on the Bridges. Spaces for People should now be removed! The state of the place is embarrassing. This clowncil have totally ruined our city! Their answer is to walk or cycle!

James Horsburgh

Roads are a mess everywhere in Edinburgh, massive potholes, speed bumps the size of Arthur’s Seat. Potholes are the worst. I’ve had to change drop links, bushes and other parts on my car twice this last year.

Paige Kristina Lawson

So frustrating driving in this city. Even on back roads they are a joke. Congestion everywhere. All part of the plan to get folk to stop driving though!

Serge Coppola

Nowhere in Europe have I seen roads as bad as these in Edinburgh. I left with my car and came back with only half of it. It's a joke

Anna Stewart

Patience people, Rome wasn't built in a day!

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