Edinburgh’s Christmas festival - your views online

The new organisers of Edinburgh's Christmas festival have revealed plans to expand the city's festive markets
Edinburgh's Christmas festival has been a huge draw for the city since it was instigated in the late 1990s. Picture: Ian GeorgesonEdinburgh's Christmas festival has been a huge draw for the city since it was instigated in the late 1990s. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Edinburgh's Christmas festival has been a huge draw for the city since it was instigated in the late 1990s. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Jai Logan

Oh god no, please don’t turn Edinburgh into a venue similar to London Hyde Park - so depressing and full of absolute pointless tat. The only thing positive about this article is the mention of a dedicated Scottish producers area, although this should really be the whole market and not a small section!

Robert Gilchrist

So no lessons learnt. Just more of the same, except bigger.

John Hewit

This has only got to be a good thing. I remember when the Christmas market far a good variety is stalls with independent traders. Then they all got priced out by Underbelly who brought in the same faceless stalls you get everywhere else. And far too many identical bars. I hope this lot stuck to what they say and bring in local producers and crafts. Let’s see how they do first, before we condemn them.

Jacqueline Brown

Turning Edinburgh into a Blackpool.

Scott Ritchie

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But can they afford to pay electricity bill three times more than last one?

Warren Burrows

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the plan was to reduce the size of the Festival. We will also get the endless moaners about the increase in costs etc. when anyone with half a brain would just not go in the first place. Fools and their money.

Anne McCabe

I think if they separate the food areas from the gift stalls it will reduce the congestion so people can browse in pleasure.

Colin McIntyre

How exactly does this benefit the ordinary people of Edinburgh?

Jen Jackson

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Hopefully a breath of fresh air for Christmas time in Edinburgh. Looking forward to the local Scottish market!

Julz Carpenter

Clearly in it for the money, can see an accident waiting to happen.

Carlton Held

Someone needs more money. Rip off.

Truss putdown

Nicola Sturgeon is an ‘attention seeker’ best ignored said Liz Truss

Denise McCann

Total contempt for Scotland and our democratically elected leader from the Tories, as usual.

Dave Highley

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55% in 2014 said no. She uses indyref2 as a diversion from all the failures of her administration. Nicola Sturgeon will be ignored and hopefully very soon forgotten.

Catherine Fawcett-Hall

Wow, way to alienate a big chunk of voters in Scotland before even getting the job. The usual disregard for Scotland from Westminster.

Pauline Downie

Not a fan of Liz, but her assessment is spot on.

Lesley Anthony

That’s a good attitude for a UK prime minister to have. Scotland is so irrelevant that you can ignore our democratically chosen first minister. I don’t vote SNP but the more I hear, the more my vote will be changing.

Robert Gilchrist

Says someone wishing, and succeeding in grabbing attention in a leadership race. Yesterday she was clutching at Geri Halliwell. Today its shrieking nonsensical soundbites about Scotland to get the geriatric heads of the membership bobbing in her favour. Oh, you really do have to feel for her poor old dad at the end of the day.

Irene Smith

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How undemocratic of you Truss. You need to go and learn some manners. Scotland’s FM deserves respect – something she has earned. Who are you to decide whether Scotland has a referendum or not? Ignorance and arrogance are bad qualities – you have them both. Typical Tory.

Del Liddle

A bit like the Tories then, best ignored in Scotland!

Diane Mckenzie

Keep it going Liz, a great endorsement for independence.

David Funnell

Thick as mince version of Thatcher. I'll be paying her no attention, as should all Scots.

Alan Morton

The most truthful thing I’ve heard a politician state.

Gail Sneddon

The suggestion of ignoring Scotland’s democratically elected leader is a wee bit dangerous.

Debbie Kelly

I have never been a fan of Nicola, but she has brought our country through a pandemic, didn't hold any parties, hasn't been fined and has a mandate bigger than the Tories! Scotland needs to be independent.