Edinburgh's new St James Quarter - your views online

"It's absolutely fine, certainly better than the absolute carbuncle that was there before”

Saturday, 29th May 2021, 7:00 am

St James Quarter

Edinburgh's new St James Quarter tower is a giant toilet brush holder that assaults our historic cityscape – Susan Morrison

Colin Sutherland

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Everyone is talking about it, so it's done its job already. By the end of the year, it will be one of the most photographed buildings in Edinburgh, then everyone praises the amazing job the designer did.

Phil Allwright

Every time something new is built, everyone drones on endlessly about it being an eyesore. It barely pokes itself out among the surrounding buildings and is rather a tame design, it's fine.

Peter Dickson

Walked past it for the first time yesterday. It's absolutely fine, certainly better than the absolute carbuncle that was there before.

Louise Wilson

I preferred the cranes. The red lights could be seen from all over and looked like Xmas lights, very pretty. I wonder what the new structure will look like after a few winters.

Neil Hendry

Many new buildings look out of place when set against more historic backgrounds, but quality wins through in the end; this will be the test the swirl faces. Personally I like it. I get far more worked up about temporary installations at street level and their impact on city life and landscape, such as the hundreds of bollards and the way in which the winter festival is allowed to overwhelm and decimate East Princes Street Gardens.


The top of the spiral around the concrete elevator shaft doesn't look right. Am I the only one who thinks the architect must have spilled his morning coffee on the drawings to cause the mishape?

Paul Laird

I like it and all these new developments and places to go are great for Edinburgh.

Peter Rintoul

I like it. I go to other cities with old buildings like Barcelona, but they still have the new stuff too.

Michael Wonnacott

Just what our city needs - something interesting on the skyline!

Lizz Rennie

The problem is that it towers above the other buildings. If it had been the same height, maybe it would not be as bad.

Fiona Mcintosh-Varjabédian

Sorry, I love Edinburgh, but that building looks like a turd!

Mbm Lozano

It's so ugly... We will get used to it, but it's a real shame.

Davy Smith

From what people are saying about it is perfect for a place called Auld Reekie!

Alex-James Baguley

I love it, infinitely superior to the rancid dump it replaced.

Adrian Ochai

The tower is fine but the thing at the top ruins it for me. I know the old building was the obvious concrete eyesore, but I'd rather have that than this.

Roddy Hoffmann

Apparently it was 'designed' by Big Innes From Still Game.

Janet Murray

Never liked the design and so I agree. Public didn’t like the design but the council went ahead anyway.

Aaron Drummond

Can’t really critique that when that concrete abomination that’s called the Scottish parliament is just down the road.

Catherine Croucher

Looks like a worm cast or worse!

Elizabeth Easton Robertson

Mishape of architecture in a traditional and iconic city of historic value.

Danny Havlin

It’s time for a bit of modern architecture in this beautiful old city.

Bronwen Winter Phoenix

Imagine if it turned green like the Statue of Liberty did! It was once that colour.

Karen Williams Fife

How weird - who on earth approved these plans?

Debbie Lennon

It screams of trying so hard to be cool but looking more like a building outta Teletubbies.

Yukiko Tani

What a shame! Could no one visualise this coming?

Stewart Love

When you go past Meadowbank you have to look at that Hibernian Football Club stadium! Biggest bus shelter in the UK! What an eyesore.

Sandra Stewart

Went up Calton Hill the other day, beautiful 360° views except that thing.

Morag Allan

Better looking than the parliament building - now that's a disgrace!

Grzegorz Glab

It needs massive, googly eyes.