Edinburgh’s Royal Mile retailers have made an urgent plea to the Scottish government and Edinburgh council for aid - your views online

"Perhaps the lesson is that Edinburgh should learn not to be so dependent on the tourist industry”

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 7:00 am
Royal Mile traders are facing an uncertain future
Royal Mile traders are facing an uncertain future

Royal Mile plea

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile retailers have made an urgent plea to the Scottish government and Edinburgh council for aid

Graeme Robertson

You could always sell tourists traditional Edinburgh bollards adorned with kilts and bagpipes. If you are a traditional business, then CEC hates you and through high taxes and impossible delivery arrangements to your shop, they invite you to get on one of those touristy rickshaws and push off. You are uneccessary and unwanted in this city.

Tom MacDonald

The city is screwed. No office workers, hotel guests, stag and hen parties, Airbnb etc and the only people the council want near the place is cyclists. I’ve watched the new video of the St James Centre - if a city ever looked like one big Disneyland, then it’s this video. Edinburgh is no longer about its residents it’s all about ££££££s and this pandemic has shown just how fragile that plan is!

Ronnie Wood

“In an open letter they described the Royal Mile as ‘undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Scottish tourism’ ”. You’re having a laugh! The Royal Mile is full of tartan tat shops where none of the goods are made in Scotland!

Keith Robertson

Can't believe a 'tourist retail shop' is complaining about needing government help. Our clowncil are creating Disneyburgh for their benefit by chasing Edinburgh citizens out of the city centre to accommodate tourists, and cyclists. Unfortunately for these shops a pandemic is stopping most of their customers from being here. So suck it up as you reap what you sow.

Kacey Milne

They are suffering like any business which is dependent on one target market. It’s the risk you take. I am sure they made plenty until Covid hit. Perhaps the lesson is that Edinburgh should learn not to be so dependent on the tourist industry.

Veronica Curran

It's filled with tat these days, unlike many years ago. Edinburgh is/was so beautiful, now modern buildings spoil that beauty. We will soon enough be pushed out in favour of tourism and student accommodation.

David Johnston

For years the lovely Royal Mile and other streets have been blighted by these overpriced tartan tat shops aimed at gullible tourists. I feel that they water down and embarrass our culture and country for easy cash.

Gus Stewart

Staycationers may bite the bullet and pay Royal Mile prices for a drink, but not many want a wee Nessie made in Taiwan or other tartan delights.

Lizz Rennie

It's not just Edinburgh that is affected by low tourism just now, it's UK wide. Staycation tourists are not likely to buy items from these shops, as the items are geared more for international tourists.

Julia McAlpine

In fairness, most were an eyesore.

John Coats

Maybe the end of tartan tat shops. Shame that!

Michael Gordon

I thought the administration had funds from Westminster to help small businesses or is it tucked away with the three per cent per head that's not spent on the people here?

Shan Ayatollah

Good riddance to trash that ends up in a land-fill and cheapens our heritage. Unless it's made in Scotland it should be binned.

New-look Leith

European city style plan to give Leith a brand new vibe

Guy Kerr

"The plans are set to be put through a second phase of engagement with the local community, before being brought to the council’s transport and environment committee." Means we will ignore any opinions that don't fit with our agenda, cherry pick a smaller weighted survey and use that to justify our case. We will then ignore everybody else and sneak this through by whatever underhanded and weasel way we can!

Gavin Jarvie

The amount of pollution from traffic in that particular area is not pleasant. I like the idea. Let’s also see a pilot area for electric scooters in the city too, so they can be tested as other alternative clean modes of transport. If new cycle lanes are introduced then making them in a way that would support this, even if it’s in the future, would certainly be progress and change for the right reasons.

Ricky Markham

I do, and I fully support any project which gives back space to residents, reduces the number of unnecessary journeys along our roads and gives us a better living environment.

Grace Kong

I think what we need is better roads and pavements rather than something like this.