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Edinburgh councillors clash on medics' support for Spaces for People measures

Friday, 24th September 2021, 7:00 am
The Spaces For People project in Edinburgh has introduced floating bus stops. This means there will be a cycle lane between the pavement and the passengers access to the bus

Seb Blacksmith

So the so-called medics are supporting creating more congestion, which we all know leads to more pollution which leads to more premature deaths. I'm not a medic but it somehow doesn't add up.

Steve Ramsay

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So only 144 out of 24,000 health care professionals signed it - that’s a ridiculously low percentile yet they focus on them as if it’s a majority. Bet those 144 are cyclists only thinking about themselves.

Brian J Smith

144 out of how many health professionals? Unlike emergency services staff, they probably do not find themselves having to be delayed while they cannot get pasttraffic because of these measures. If we held a real public survey including the emergency services staff, I suspect you would receive some damming evidence for the removal of these “spaces for people”.

Derek Patterson

From one point of view its great, but the actual implementation of them is totally unplanned and as well as being totally dangerous to all road users and pedestrians alike is mostly an eyesore. They make our great city look like its in a third world country.

Steven Reilly

Nice to know there are some councillors with a backbone to stand up to the muppets! Get the measures out, they are a blight on our beautiful city!

Keith Robertson

Having people walking over a cycle lane to a floating bus stop is stupid, irresponsible and dangerous. I hope that the Clowncil have a good lawyer on hand to deal with claims for causing accidents, but judging by previous matters I doubt it.

Chris Kirkland

I’d be interested to hear what Police Scotland and the fire brigade think of the Spaces for People arrangment. It only seems to be the healthcare members that have voiced/ written their support of it.

Oak Tom

We have survived all my life without the need for this nonsense - who thought it up? Is it a retaliation for not agreeing to congestion charges a few years back? The council have struggled with that decision ever since as they were sure it would be accepted.

Irene McIntosh

At last the needs of the elderly and disabled are being considered!

Greta Kaceviciute

Dear doctors, you know what’s harmful for the health of the population of Edinburgh is that you can’t see a GP face to face for months now, even though we can go to nightclubs and festivals. Liifesaving if you could see one when needed – just saying.

Flu jags

Housebound Edinburgh pensioner who battled Covid told to make 20-mile round trip to get flu jab

Tracy Storrie

My elderly, disabled mother received a letter to attend Ingleston for her flu jab. Got her to phone and it was changed to Haddington. They have sent out these letters and pretty much everyone is having to change them.

Pat Knox

I live off Milton Road and was sent an appointment at Gorebridge! On a Sunday night. I phoned up on Tuesday and was given an appointment at Musselburgh yesterday. It is a complete shambles.

Jackie Hamilton

Last year i received my annual flu jag at my local chemist. If I get an appointment miles away I think I will just pay £14.99 to get a private one at Boots the chemist.

Thelma Kelly

This is disgraceful and needs sorted out. Why not at the GP? But looking to the future, why not get mobile units like they have for breast screening?

Alastair Moir

The appointments I have heard of are Portobello to S Queensferry or Haddington; Morningside to Musselburgh or Ingliston. There does not appear to have been thought give to how elderly people, many without cars, will manage.

Shirley Slight Leslie

It’s not GPs’ decision it’s the Health Boards. I wish GPs would not be blamed for things outwith their control.

Marie Stirrat

It’s not just GPs that are causing issues. The hospitals are sending out appointments that the older generation can’t attend as all the hospital transport spaces are fully booked for months and months ahead and they can’t match the appointment dates with any spaces. The hospitals also send out appointments to people who live alone and have cognitive issues and wonder why the appointments are missed.

Lesley Henderson

I live in Edinburgh and my appointment is in East Calder! Not happening!