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MSP says compensation claims are 'just the tip of the iceberg'

John Mcnicoll

How controversial to change the name to Travelling Safely when people are obviously injuring themselves and suing for compensation.

Claire A A Eadie

The state of the main roads as well as side streets are a disgrace at the moment. No wonder there are claims with with number of holes in them!

Alex Weir

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This is what happens when you let a biased, unelected, unaccountable ‘charity’ like Sustrans dictate transport policy.

Alf Bissett

Badly judged nonsense from Edinburgh Council.

Vanessa Fletcher

Sustrans scooping up big money and making an unsafe mess all over.

Dorothy Maitland

I put in a complaint after a bad fall over one of the plinths which are the same colour as the road (I am visually impaired). I was basically told it was my own fault and I should have crossed at the crossing further up the road.

Derek Smith

The whole scheme needs to be scrapped.

Andrew Henderson

The council never accept blame so I can’t see anyone getting compensation. Tip of the iceberg! The council have been neglecting their duties for years, what’s changed now?

Robert Brown

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It's the retro fit design that is poor. Do a job properly or not at all.

Willie Anderson

Our transport convenor should be held publicly accountable. She has been well warned about the dangers of these bollards and bases but has chosen to ignore it.

Sandy Lipp

How do Edinburgh council deal with traffic issues? They install a whole lot of new street furniture thereby creating a bigger hazard.

Tennis appeal

Novak Djokovic has won an appeal against a decision to refuse him a visa in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia ahead of the Australian Open.

Margaret Bishop

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If Australia says no vax, no entry, he should not be allowed to stay. The rules should be for everyone, no matter who they are.

Margaret Moore

Absolute disgrace. I hope the crowd and the other players give him a hard time and he gets knocked out in the first round.

Maria Shand

It just proves if you are a celebrity with lots of money you can do anything – disgusting.

Donald J Makin

So the lesson here get yourself a barrister and an expensive legal team to go through all the details. You can travel anywhere you want and not have to follow any rules of entry. I always thought the obligation is on you to provide the documents and necessary information when you travel to allow entry. Now it appears it isn't.

Alec Renwick

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We can't talk, look at the UK. For the past few months people have been flying into the UK with no vaccination.

Janice McGrath-Scott

This should all have been sorted out before he stepped on the plane. The Australian authorities screwed up big time in my opinion.

Mike Whalen

Ridiculous! My daughter has been waiting to move to Australia for two years and can't get anywhere near the place. Different rules if you are a sporting star, I suppose.

Jimmy Dobson

Well done! Now can we see more dictatorships taken to task on their curtailing of people's freedom to get on with living?

Al Thomo

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Thought he would've aced the visa application ... What court was he in? Bet he made a racket celebrating the result!

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming is to star in a new film recalling the true-life story of how a 30-year-old man managed to enroll as a 16-year-old pupil at his old high school in Scotland.

William McCrorie

Liked him in The High life, as an air steward based at Preswick airport. Worth a watch if you did not see it.

Danielle Treacher

Alan is a great actor but I'm surprised they couldn't find an actor closer to 30 to play a 30-year-old pretending to be 16.

Linda Zimny

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Be good to see him in a serious role. I've only really seen his comedic stuff and I love Bernie and the Genie.

Clare Mccann

I dont know how he got away with it. Ten years after I'd left school I turned up and three teachers still knew me. One shouted “the tuck shop’s not open yet!” It was as if I'd never left.

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