Edinburgh's two shelved tram lines could be revived - your views

New Scottish government transport blueprint

Tram line plan

Revival of two of Edinburgh’s shelved tram lines has been signalled in a new Scottish government transport blueprint

Kevin Connolly

Who comes up with these ideas? We have a perfectly good bus service without adding years of disruption to accommodate new lines, not to mention the cost. If the City of Edinburgh council are involved you can bet it will not come in on time and be massively over budget.

Sparky Forsyth

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So, basically 20 years of road works then? What ridiculous nonsense. Total waste of money for the disruption it will cause, not to mention the costs involved to produce three or four tram lines that are pretty much useless in a city not designed to have a tram structure.

Colin Riddell

Why have tram lines running alongside railway lines? They could have just put in more train stations.

Daniel Cranmer

If they had used old train lines years ago they would have saved millions. These people are clueless,10-year-olds who could do a better job.

Andrena M Gowling

Waste of money again, a city full of useless tram lines and no housing apart from student accommodation.

Michael Mason

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Ridiculous. There’s food banks – people have nothing, help the people.

Daniel Shields

Comments here appear to be by car users with no ability to look at the long term. ‘What about the roadworks!’ is a fine argument if you’re only able to think ahead two years at a time. A more diverse, less car/bus reliant transport system should ease congestion, reduce emissions and make the city centre less of a car park from 8am to 6pm five days a week. All major cities in Europe have a decent metro/tram system. Edinburgh is miles behind the times.

John Rigas

Due to be completed on St. Never’s Day 2099.

Ken Johnston

The future is not trams, it’s hybrid, electric or hydrogen-powered buses that are flexible, cost-effective, can rapidly change to suit different requirements and need little to no infrastructure. Buses get updated every 10 to 15 years with Lothian Bus. Trams are already that age and hardly been used.

Bill Whyte

Yet more money to be thrown at something the majority of people do not want, and more debt that we cannot afford! All at a time when the services that CEC are supposed to provide are desperate for more funding in order to function.

Good Samaritan

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The daughter of a pensioner who was scammed by a cowboy tradesman weeks before Christmas has hailed a big- hearted painter who fixed his kitchen for free

Sheila Ross

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear overalls and wield paint brushes.

Liz Crosbie

Thank you for making this old gentleman’s Xmas with your lovey gesture. You are the better side of humanity, unlike the scumbag that ripped him off.

Moira Inglis

Such a thoughtful and kind gesture. Good luck with your business in the future.

Claire Williams

Well done, what a lovely thing to do.

Jan Bain

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Very nice to read something positive... Well done to the decorator.

Peter Nosdlanod

Good on him. Dirty scum bags everywhere. The guy that ripped off an OAP should be put on billboards all over the city. As I type this, no doubt he is botching another vulnerable person’s home.

Helena Reid

Pure young gentleman - it’s lovely to read a bit good news. He deserves every success in his business. Thanks for your kindness - this elderly gentleman will be very pleased, I bet. Stay safe.

Stevie Webster

Well done to you Mikey, a truly caring gesture. Still a lot of decent people going about, thankfully.

Atholl Cunningham

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Great gesture, great bloke. Horrible to hear of people taking advantage of the elderly or anyone for that matter.

Mary Skeldon

Well done Mr McKinnon.

Ashley Rox

I hope this man gets lots of work out of this, he deserves it. Great to hear that there are still selfless people out there.

Pauline Edmond

Amazing story, so kind. It’s brilliant to read we still have decent human beings. I hate to think of anyone being ripped off, especially the elderly. Well done.

May Moss

Well done Mr McKinnon. You are a true hero. I hope your business prospers.

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