Electric scooters - your views


By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th October 2020, 5:57 pm

Electric scooters

Electric scooter rider charged with no insurance and for riding on Edinburgh footpath

Michael Burns

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Riding on an Edinburgh Footpath! One down, thousands of cyclists to go. I await with eagerness, the police stopping and charging every cyclist who rides on Edinburgh pavements – the courts are going to be extremely busy.

Gavin Davidson

I'd be more concerned with the young lads on Motocross bikes in the area near the Royal Infirmary that are usually on the back wheel and/or the wrong side of the road, but that's just me.…

Jen Bain

Personally I think any transportation which can move at speed above 20mph should have insurance in the event of a collision or accident and be on the road. Pavements should be for pedestrians only. You can’t charge road tax for a transportation which uses zero emissions as it’s causing no damage to the road or environment in my opinion.

Pauline Balloch

Perhaps the police would like to expand away from more middle class areas, and you'll find we have to dodge things like this and inconsiderate cyclists every time we go for a walk. It only gets highlighted when it affects more affluent areas.

Bruce Johnston

But e-bikes are OK? Same principle, no licence, road tax or insurance required.

Steven Ritchie

Perhaps the police should focus on Deliveroo cyclists who speed through red lights, while us motorists are sat stationary. They are going to get wiped out with traffic on green travelling at speed. I got stopped at four sets of lights in a mile, the same guy flew through red lights, then I would overtake only to reach the lights and for cyclist to do it again. Sorry, someone else’s dinner is not worth dying for.

Gordon Abbott

Electric bikes and electric scooters are in that grey area as it’s hard to prove at the time of the stop if it’s running under its own power or the user’s power. And that’s the difference between a toy and a motorcycle. Even then, under 15 mph it’s classed as electronically assisted. Waste of time going through court.

Daniel Friel

How can it be unregistered when they are illegal in the first place? Over a certain age it should be legal to use them anywhere with no licence.

Thomas MacDonald

Next step - E-Bikes. Carefully disguised as bicycles you’d be shocked just how many of them are illegal. People might not know this, but E bikes beyond a certain KW rating should be taxed, insured, registered and come with test requirements, the same as the moped.

Fiona Gillen

For partially sighted or blind people these are a real hazard on pavements. They're quiet and not easily heard.

Andrew Mcbean

Not surprised they're about to get banned, people are driving them like maniacs everywhere.

Rick Guy

It's only someone trying to be environmentally friendly by leaving the polluting machine. Environmentalists should be up in arms over this.

Tommy Wilson

Been thinking of getting a scooter to try and be a bit more environmentally friendly by leaving the car, but will give it second thought now.

Aileen Candlish

I saw two children on the road yesterday using these scooters holding up the traffic!

John McGillivray

Quite right. One flying about the main road at rush hour with a fag in his puss the other day. Different story if Mr Cool ended up under a bus.

Ken Johnston

If these scooters had lights or the riders wore bright clothing (and sensible helmets) then no problem. But most don’t.

Chris Kirkland

This is literally embarrassing! People use these scooters in all European cities yet Edinburgh stands out as the one that says NO. I guess we should all just use the buses.

Kelvin Bain

How come an electric scooter is illegal but ebikes are OK?

Gillian Barr

Would people with electric wheelchairs get charged as well?

Stuart Brownlie

Are they going to charge cyclists on Comiston Road for not using the cycle lane?

Davey Laing

I got cut up by a guy on one at 4 30am in Gorgie, he came right across in front of me from my blind side – accident waiting to happen.

Clay Ray

It’s a relief to know we are living in a crime free city, if this is what the police have time to do!