Energy prise rise - your views online

Money saving expert Martin Lewis warns energy bills could rise by £1000 in October

Jacqueline Calder

Maybe if large/huge companies were to cut their profits things wouldn't be so bleak for the "man in the street".

Lee Cassidy

So if I can't afford it now, should I just send my electric wheelchair back to Motability because I sure as hell can't afford to charge it come October? Bang goes my freedom, back to isolation it is.

Frances Mckendrick

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Where are we to find the money to pay bills? The government must stop the rises.

Ashley Galloway

My mother who is incapacitated by Alzheimer’s dementia has a carer 24/7 living in her bungalow with storage heaters. Three different tariffs, depending on night time charging, has recently seen her monthly direct debit increase to £468. She is 95 but SSE don’t do anything. I have to insist they send a meter reader each month because no one understands how to take the three readings. In the end she cannot find this money and what happens when it increases by 50 per cent?

Brett Campbell

Why don't the power companies pass some of their monstrous profits onto the customer and help lower bills just a little?

Lorraine Spence

The whole of Britain should just stop paying . . . just a thought!

Sharon Scott

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Absolutely mental. Mine has has nearly doubled since April from £120 a month to £240 - bloody ridiculous.

Linda Gordon

Where do they think people are going to get the money from?

Paul Galloway

Great reset being organised, It seems.

Helenn McWhirterr

Ah well, freezing house it is with no hot water!

Anne Cormack

Martin Lewis for PM!

David Malcolm

I have fewer appliances on nowadays and it’s still rising .

Robert Ayr

Don’t worry, the Tories have got this!

Angela Bain

Thank god we've just had solar panels fitted!

Mark Hallam

With Johnson as prime minister everything is possible!

Pawel Kozakiewicz

I am installing a wood burning stove in my place! I am not gonna get cold this coming winter.

Fringe street theatre

The Scottish Government and the city council will be providing £215,000 to help pay for the expansion from the traditional “street event” arenas

Renée La Racineuse

Ah, Spaces for Street Events. Bollard vendors will salivating at another £215,000 of taxpayers’ money to deface our city with.

Alex Monaghan

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Taking the pressure off “The Mile” is a great idea. Businesses in the town should benefit from events across a wider area.

John Macdonald

Any excuse to close more roads. Have we noticed how pavements are no longer public spaces but have been sold off to pubs/restaurants? Then people have been gaslighted into thinking there's no space to walk because of motor vehicles, so let’s widen pavements and narrow the roads. Only, this doubles the concentration of traffic on the roads and blocks emergency access because there's zero overspill capacity. Meanwhile, theme-park Edinburgh council thinks using transport infrastructure as event spaces is a good idea.

Fiona Savage

I hope this does not mean more streets are blocked by crowds. And that costs £215k – ridiculous.

Jette Goldie

So we can't avoid everything by avoiding the city centre?

Robbie Howie

And that costs £215k to do, really? What are the making the stages from?

Dave Flynn

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About time. The Royal Mile on the third Saturday of the Fringe is usually the most congested place on Earth.

Rail strikes

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said ministers would change the law so firms could bring in agency workers to minimise disruption from strikes.

Marion Garland

So instead of doing his job and sorting this out he gets Boris to change the law. Funny old democracy the UK seems to have adopted since Brexit – almost dictator like.

Georgina Gibbons

Give them the pay rise MPs got!