Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh planning climate crisis march in the Capital - your views online

Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh are ‘planning a march’ in the Capital ahead of Cop26 in Glasgow

Saturday, 9th October 2021, 7:00 am
INVERGORDON, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 06: Red robed protesters from Extinction Rebellion take part in blockading the oil rig maintenance facility at Cromarty Firth Port Authority on October 6, 2021 in Invergordon, Scotland. The group are calling for an end of fossil fuel extraction and support for a transition of skilled oil and gas workers into decommissioning and renewable industries, not new oil fields. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

Danny Dickson

All be marching and talking on their plastic mobile phones, then going home on their diesel buses to watch themselves on a big plastic telly while micowaving a plastic dinner for quickness then go to bed all satisfied, watching their plastic tablet.

John JC Chalmers

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Why no march in Glasgow where it's being held?

Brian Bell

Cannae even get the right city. Bunch of numpties.

Joe Smyth

Why do these so-called educated people think disrupting the lives of ordinary working people will help save this planet? Why not disrupt the homes or lives of the greedy decision makers?

Warren Noble

Meanwhile in the real world... China power cuts; Coal miners ordered to boost output, say reports. As if anything we do in Scotland makes the slightest difference to climate change!

Keith Tait

How are these people travelling the country so much when they apparently care for the environment so much?

Lillian Wells

Rent-a-mob planning a few fun days out!

Pauline Gillian Cooper

Should be doing this in Glasgow, but hopefully it willm be peaceful.

Kevin Doc

Crackpots – hope it rains.

Yuliya Kozak

At least if they're marching they won't be sitting on the North Bridge.

Cat McCluskey

As long as it’s a peaceful march with none of their shenanigans, fair enough. They’re as entitled as anyone else.

Jill Forrest

I'd rather be inconvenienced by them than an Orange march.

Gordon Jackson

You can pretty much guarantee that they will glue themselves to something or find some way of blocking the roads other than marching.

Edinburgh litter

When are we going to finally heed Ronnie Corbett and Lulu and keep Britain tidy? asks Susan Morrison

Dougie Turner

We're being told constantly to recycle, it'd help if the recycling bins were emptied more than once a week.

Mary Smith

Parents need to teach by example, not throwing litter out their cars; schools need to encourage kids to keep Scotland beautiful.

Philip Taylor

Why are you blaming the residents? The city is full of visitors, perhaps the police should be enforcing the law with them.

Pete Russell

People might use the litter bins in Edinburgh if they thought they might be emptied.

Gordon Waldie

I do a litter pick in the vicinity of the house about once a week. Can always tell when the schools are back off holidays as the roads leading to Towerbank school are festooned with wrappers. On a nice day I extend my walk down along Porty beach, as the small mountain of rubbish from takeaway franchises has the bins full to overflowing by noon.

Toni Tiger Lord

How much of it comes from overflowing or unemptied bins blown around the city?

Food waste

A different style of food waste bin will be introduced as part of Edinburgh’s new bin hubs scheme

Lorraine Blyth

And they will all be misused and overrun with rats in no time, just like the recycling area at Tesco Corstorphine.

Colette Matheson

The litter and weed situation started during the Covid lockdown. I wondered if it was because of furlough. Surely outdoor workers should have been able to return to their jobs. CEC taking advantage of the scheme perhaps. Couldn’t understand that homeowners didn’t remove weeds, outside of homes, themselves.

Willie Anderson

£35 a year is going to be the cost to every household.

Jock Burns

People are still tossing food out while we have food banks in need.

John Wastle

The SNP, year after year, have cut central grants to Scottish councils. The time has come that the councils cut services, welfare and benefits to match the income they currently receive. If they've not got it, they can't spend it. Meanwhile, we read council tax 'could rise by up to five per cent every year over the next three years.