Extra police patrols to tackle youths running wild on Portobello Beach - your views online

"It was quite frightening with all these gangs of youngsters, most under age, drinking.”

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 7:00 am
Members of the public enjoy the warm weather at Portobello Beach

Portobello Beach

Extra police patrols to tackle youths running wild

Shiona McLeod

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These kids have no respect for authority and police presence won't deter them, they'll see it as added fun and amusement to mouth off to them in front of their buddies, and a badge of honour to get into altercations with them.

Jackie Wright

I was at Porty on Saturday after 7pm for what I thought would be a leisurely walk with my grandchildren. It was quite frightening with all these gangs of youngsters, most under age, drinking. I thought it was against the law to drink outside but perhaps I may be wrong. We just left.

Steven Alexander Halloren

Such a shame. It’s like all the yobs have been descending on Porty recently!

Cormac Lovett

After decades of police cuts, this is the best they can do - react to trouble rather than be proactive. Just like in the Meadows a couple months ago, the feral kids will simply cause trouble somewhere else.

Alex Murphy Vickers

When I was a kid, you’d get a smack for behaving like tha t- can’t do that now in case you “hurt their feelings”. Parents need to actually raise their kids not to behave like thugs or get fined for it if the kids are under 18.

Sylvia Robertson

Because there no rules for them anymore. Nothing ever happens to them and they know it.

Kamil Kazimoglu

Same announcement after every nice sunny day in Portobello. Not enough police in Edinburgh streets anymore when needed.

Karen Georgina Attenburgh

Hope the Buckie heeds give the folk of Porty a bit peace today.

Fionad Odonnell

Don't worry, they will all be ill in bed in the middle of the week.

Ewelina Siembor

Sun and alcohol – it's a bad combination!

Eileen Crichton

They're lucky they can 'run' wild in this heat. I can't run the length of myself!

Derry Delboy Livingstone

They said this almost a year ago and now’t was done!

Davie Bruce

It's nothing new is it? Tbh, the young team are a lot better behaved than my generation were. Just social media being drama queens.

Alun Thomas

If arrested, the clowns will get a slap on the wrist or at worst a suspended sentence!

Katie Hopkins

Far-right British commentator is being deported from Australia over quarantine rules

Jilla Roo

This was pre-planned. She thrives on attention. Ignore is best.

May Moss

Thank you Australia. Can you send her somewhere else, though?

Karen Sawyer

Several petitions went around about getting her removed. She threatened public safety by mocking quarantine and saying she lay in wait for those delivering meals to open the door with no mask. Don’t abide by the rules, then off you go. We can’t leave Australia to see families unless they are terminally ill. We don’t need her likes being allowed in.

John Colgan

Ignore this eedjit, she thrives on publicity as she is incapable of doing anything constructive or positive.

Debra Davies

Please don't send her back here. Can she go by boat? Can the boat go via the Bermuda Triangle? Would it be possible to put her in a lifeboat and set it adrift?

Stuart Wilson

We actually don’t want her back, please keep her.

Joyce Nicholson

Nooo, we don’t want her back. She’s a vile, opinionated, self-serving excuse for a human being!

Jacq Stewart

Narcissists simply refuse to believe that they're their own worst enemy.

GB News

Nigel Farage is to present daily show on GB News

Daniel Howell

It's about time they brought some balance. I'd love to watch this TV channel for comical values, but don't want to double the viewer ratings.

Lynn Gall

So sorry that people have to listen to this drivel. Be wise, and don’t.

William Manson

Next they could get George Galloway and Alex Salmond.

John Burnett

Andrew Neil takes a back seat and another clown comes in.

Shaun Allan

Someone did a great tweet: First time a rat has boarded a sinking ship!