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Union ‘outraged' at pay rise of £25,000 for Edinburgh Trams boss as staff pay row rages on

Alex Monaghan

If the fat cats are being awarded huge wage increases and then topped up with massive bonuses in these difficult times it will lead to discontent and widespread strikes. A pay freeze for those in the highest pay brackets with no bonuses would be the decent thing to do.

Andrew Davidson

Why is he getting a bonus for doing his job? He's already getting an obscene amount.

Fran Harland

Yep, I agree. My hubby had a stroke last year he can only do threedays now as fatigue kicks in. We are below the living wage and get no help.

Laird Ronald Simpson

This is what is totally wrong with this country. No wonder half of this country is so bitter, civil unrest is imminent if this unfairness continues.

Paul Burgess

Not a great look for the boss at this time. Maybe decline the massive rise?

Colin Kelly

Directors should take a cut for a year, do the job and hours of the workers. Soon see a difference. Not only the transport industry. Look into the care industry - under £11.50ph to ensure your loved ones are taken care of! Disgusting at best when directors sit on £100k pa. Do the job of the front line, take the pay and responsiblity for a year, most would never return.

Bryan Millan

About time these bosses took a pay freeze. Now people might understand why so many people are willing to strike.

Angela Mcdermott

Please explain what he’s done to deserve this increase and bonus.

Mike Watson

I can remember when we had "go anywhere" buses running on ordinary roads. The tram sham is a joke.

James Raeburn

All the people slating him for being a boss – it's been the hardest time in years to run a company. If it was easy everyone would do it. If you are unhappy about your pay, get another job, lots out there. Know your worth.

Megan McFadzean

Rich get richer. Rebel.

Roberto Baggio

Went on the tram once. Took longer than the airport bus. An astonishingly bogus project.

Gordon Mccourt

Didn’t Lothian staff just get an 8 per cent pay rise?


'Scottish democracy cannot be a prisoner to Boris Johnson', says Nicola Sturgeon

Janette Gallacher

Fix the potholes, hospitals, education and all the other problems with the money that will be wasted on your stupid dream of independence!

Tom Young

I am delighted that we won’t hear from this woman for the next eight weeks as Holyrood closes down for their summer break.

David Paul

She is absolutely correct, UK government is the issue.

Jacqueline Calder

Need to be doing more and putting the money to better uses. Sort the state of the roads in the country, invest in new social housing, better air for schools. Recovery and getting down the Covid infection rate. So many better things to spend our money on.

Alex Hill

Sort the Scottish Police officers’ dispute rather than throwing hot air and money at this!

Trevor John Taylor

Scotland has never ever had a majority of nationalist voters! Not once! The SNP do not speak for the Scottish people, they speak for the anti-English minority of the Scottish electorate!

Nick Bartie

The UK Government are taking the whole UK in the wrong direction not just Scotland.

Cleo Kane

She had an issue when Trump didn’t accept the vote in the US, she is acting the same! The vote was settled eight years ago - move on!

Alf Bissett

Democracy only counts for the SNP when it suits their divisive agenda.

Paul Mc Dougall

She's like a stuck record. How about actually attempting to fix the current problems instead of looking 18 months down the line?

Garry Thomson

What is this crazy woman on about? The last thing this country needs is more uncertainty, in a very uncertain world. Is she living on a different planet?

Sandra Hoy

BoJo and his cronies are making a mockery of the whole of the UK. Scotland needs to go it alone to stand a chance.