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Which lost shop do you miss visiting for your Christmas shopping?

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 7:00 am
Jenners is famous for having some of the biggest and best Christmas decorations, including a 40 foot tree. Year: 2003

Steven Robertson

Jenners, to see the Christmas tree.

Pearl Wallace

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So many lovely shops, but I liked Goldbergs at Christmas.

Amie Williams

There was a lovely little shop in Musselburgh called Just The Thing, run by a lovely lady. It was great for presents.

Davina Robinson

BHS, Woolies, Watt Bros.

Diane Shaw

Most definitely Jenners (when it was the REAL Jenners). Always did my Christmas shopping there and loved the Jenners Account Holders Christmas shopping evening.

Fay Susan Edgar

St Cuthberts store in Fountainbridge to see Santa and the Don Ray toy shop in Morningside to see what Cindy doll outfits I could ask Santa for.

Elspeth Hope

Jenners before it became House of Fraser.

Irene Pengilley

British Home Stores and C&A.

Catherine Gaughan

Lewis's in Glasgow (not John Lewis). Loved going to see Santa there as a child, and Goldbergs.

Kelly Tait

Jenners on Princes Street. My nana took me every year to see the big tree decorations and visit Santa when I was wee. When I had kids my mum and I took them also. It’s a big Christmas miss in Edinburgh.

Elaine MacRae

Lewis’s to see Santa and have my lunch with Mum and Dad at the posh restaurant with the lovely white tablecloths.

Steve Bell

Toys R us as a kid, getting ‘buy one get one free’ chart Xbox games

Elaine Burgess

I worked in Goldbergs part time and I loved it at Christmas.

Christine Douglas

Debenhams, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh.

Melissa Hughes

The Pier in George Street. Still have the Christmas tree decorations I bought there back in the day.

Diane Mckenzie

When I was small we used to visit Goldbergs at Xmas. The displays were stunning, as a child it was magical.

Julie Clements

Woolworths and British Home Stores. For children it would be Lewis's to see Father Christmas and live animal nativity.

Andrew Davidson

Bought all my Christmas prezzies there way back in the last century when I was really, really young.

Eileen McBride

Nash's in Miller Street, Glasgow. They used to have a great Christmas Sale in the summer!

Cathy Buchanan

BHS and Debenhams. Never bought anything in Jenners. Just went to see the tree!

Frances Barton

Jenners and the cafe. Girls’ meeting place.

David Evans

As a child, I used to go with my mum to What Every Woman Wants on the Bridges... I'm sure that store had 300 floors!

Strange questions

Travelodge hotels in Edinburgh have revealed the weirdest requests made to their staff by customers

Steven Oliver

Nothing will beat the all-time classic "Why did they build the castle next to the railway station?” And "Why is the one o'clock gun fired at one o'clock? Why don't they fire it at midday?” The smart answer being that firing the gun at 1pm saves money, as it only uses one shell instead of 12.

Patricia Anderson

''Why are there no refreshments and toilet facilities on top of Arthur Seat's mountain?''

Steve Carruthers

When I was a black cab driver I had a group of Americans in the back. I overheard one of them ask the group ‘do you think they built the Royal Mile just for the tourists?’

Tracey Moohan

“What time’s the bonfire on Burns night?”

TC Gladioli

My late brother-in-law complaining about the size of the parade ground at the castle - “They might have thought about the size of the Tattoo when they built the castle!”

Louise Gray

I remember once being in the city centre when the one o'clock gun went off. A passing tourist asked what the noise was so I told him. He refused to believe me and walked off saying he'd call the police as he said it sounded like a bomb

Heather Anderson

"Can I get a bus to the Northern Lights?" is another belter.