Five Edinburgh council-run homes to close, but union pledges to fight plans - your views online

"What a disgrace our elderly being treated like this, they should be getting the care and comfort they deserve”

Saturday, 12th June 2021, 7:00 am
Pic Greg Macvean - 19/12/2017 - Jewel House care home GV, 15 Bingham Crescent
Pic Greg Macvean - 19/12/2017 - Jewel House care home GV, 15 Bingham Crescent

Care crisis

Five Edinburgh council-run homes to close - but union pledges to fight plans

Karen Du Plessis

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Everyone who voted for this council should be ashamed of themselves, it’s full of inadequate, greedy, stupid, heartless fools. You are losing your city, piece by piece and yet still vote for unworthy representatives!

Derek Thorburn

Care home buildings no longer fit for purpose… I wonder if lack of building maintenance on the part of city of Edinburgh council has anything to do with it.

Frances Anderson

What a disgrace our elderly being treated like this, they should be getting the care and comfort they deserve, not being in places that are not fit for purpose – very sad. The council waste such a lot of money on trivia.

Ella Duncan

What a sin for all the residents, don’t forget the staff too. These people have worked religiously all through Covid, risking themselves and were so loyal. Now their job is done, it’s time to go! There are not enough jobs in council care for these poor people.

John Keating

Unbelievable. They’re only old age pensioners who need care, so who’s interested? We need the money for more planters and cycle lanes… Regardless of which political party you support, this council needs binning asap. No interest in the people or city of Edinburgh.

Alan Mcgowan

Given we’ve had a rise in council tax to run the care homes, will we be getting a reduction of our council tax in the near future? What a terrible run council unless it’s for trams.

Stuart Kerr

Excellent, get them converted into student flats pronto.

Heather Millar Stoddart

Shocking and a disgrace. Most of us will be old one day. At least we know what Edinburgh Council thinks of its people who live here. They prefer student accommodation instead of social housing. They prefer to muck the roads up and make them more dangerous instead of making them better. People are tripping over the bollards and breaking bones. It’s like this council want rid of old people. Wonder what they will waste our council tax on next.

Ray Whittingham

My dad is in Ferrylee, the building is lovely and the rooms are of a good standard. At 92, he is settled and loving life, he is well cared for by amazing staff who treat him with dignity. He is happy there. This news has come as a complete shock and frankly, I'm disgusted to hear it in this way, it shows a shocking disregard for residents and staff, who have worked tirelessly though Covid. To say that the building does not meet environmental standards sounds like a weak excuse to cut costs to me. I think it's unjustifiable and they should be ashamed! He's doing a Captain Tom sponsored keep fit today to raise funds!

Scott Robertson

Please people, don’t vote on party lines at the next council elections, please vote for candidates that will represent the will of the majority of our citizens. This madness must stop before our once great city is totally ruined by the will of a very few.

Kevin Steel

Well, ruining all the roads in the city isn't cheap. Got to claw back all that money from somewhere. Look on the bright side, gran might be homeless but at least there's a giant timber planter blocking your street end junction.

Lioslaith Rose

Sites sold for development - councils need to be more accountable to central government over decisions like this.

Peter Anderson

Absolutely disgraceful. Redirect the money they put into so many meaningless and cosmetic projects.

Toni Edwards

‘Spaces for people’ on the streets only. Suppose cycle lanes are wide enough for sleeping bags.

Ian Black

Yet still they find more money for spaces for people and trams. When will the people of Edinburgh wake up and vote these incompetent clowns out and put people in charge that will look out for the needs of the Edinburgh residents?

Kristine Robinson

Everyone should write to their councillor in disgust.

Jock Burns

Served their purpose and saved the NHS. While this virus is still going around, it would be wise to keep them open and not stuff everyone into one big building for further outbreaks.

Julie Healy

As we are repeatedly told, we are an ageing population, so surely it would make more sense to invest in such like facilities? Or is it a case of just let them go to the hugely overpriced private homes. One more thing they don’t have to bother about.